Offer the right financing solutions

Give your customers the financing options they need to acquire the right equipment and technology for their business. With DLL, you can offer point-of-sale financing programs aligned with your business goals and customers’ needs.

Strengthen the value you provide

Offer customized financing solutions

Make the sales process easier and faster

Deliver a better customer experience

Discover finance solutions that set you apart

Differentiate your business with financing options that align payments with cash flow. Choose from a wide range of solutions tailored to your industry, products and price points.

  • Pay-to-own finance agreements
  • Fair market value leases
  • Pay-per-use programs

"Having an in-house suite of retail and wholesale financing solutions to offer our dealers and customers has been indispensable in helping us successfully distribute and retail our products in a highly competitive market." McCormick, North America

Stand out with the advantages

For your business

  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Reduce negotiations and price-cutting
  • Close sales faster with digital tools
  • Meet unique customer demands
  • Increase customer retention
  • Sell more units with more add-ons at greater profits
  • Drive sales as a one-stop shop for equipment and financing

For your customers

  • Offer custom solutions and payment flexibility
  • Meet specialized product and budgeting needs
  • Ensure little impact to credit lines
  • Promote a fast and easy digital sales process
  • Deliver instant credit approvals
  • Simplify upgrades
  • Provide one-stop shop convenience for equipment and financing

Close more business faster and smarter

Enhance each step of the sales process with cutting-edge mobile apps, online pricing tools and the electronic signature app. Leverage DLL's innovative digital tools to streamline the way you do business.

Partner together for a better world

Access sustainable business models that promote smarter use of the planet’s resources. Through DLL’s usage-based financing solutions, you can support asset reuse and contribute to a circular economy.

Feel confident with a global finance leader

With 50 years of experience, DLL understands the unique needs of our partners around the world—and offers proven solutions to help businesses thrive.