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Food Trends 2022: Sustainability & the Supply Chain Remain Top of Mind

Concerns surrounding climate change and sustainability are on the rise, as more consumers are paying closer attention to the personal impact their choices have on the environment. DLL, a subsidiary of Rabobank and a leading provider of financing solutions to the food & agriculture sector, explores what is driving market growth in the food industry and the trends to watch in 2022.

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The Circular Economy, Sustainability and Used Equipment

In a circular economy, goods and equipment are reused, shared, remade and recycled in order to minimize waste. This economic model encourages manufacturers to make products built to last rather than products designed from the start to be used, disposed of and replaced.

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The High-Tech Revolution in Agriculture: Trends in Robotics

Agriculture is undergoing a high-tech revolution as primary producers increasingly turn to robotics to meet multiple challenges. Agribusinesses are grappling with many issues: How to keep a lid on costs yet produce enough food at competitive prices to feed the world? How to ensure sufficient labor for harvesting with the pandemic restricting movement of workers? And how to meet the sustainability standards expected by food retailers, consumers and governments and still turn a profit? Innovative technologies and automation of tasks can help overcome some of these challenges, as this summary of the latest trends in robotization shows.