Farm inputs

Gain flexible inventory and supply chain financing options

Grow with flexible payments on farm inputs

Whether you are in the distribution channel or user of agrochemicals, such as seeds or crop protection products, we have a solution for you. DLL offers tailormade financial solutions with flexible repayment structures geared toward cashflow needs, without having to rely on your own capital or alternative financing source.

Collaborate with a partner that provides resources to help you focus on your core business. DLL finances the resources you need to grow crops and food.

“In addition to their affinity for agriculture, DLL is able to white label their offer to us and has the global reach to scale it. Those are important qualities for our financial solutions partner.” Syngenta

Advantages of farm input financing

Align payments with the seasonality of your business and cashflow

Partner with agriculture financial experts who understand your needs. DLL provides seasonal payment options to align payments with cashflow.

What we offer

Inventory Finance

Financing solutions allow businesses to increase their inventories of seeds and agrochemicals to help prepare for seasonal demand.

Supply Chain finance

We finance the supply, import and export of seeds and agrochemicals to help producers, distributors, growers, and farmers.

Factory solutions

We support large enterprise vendors in accelerating their cash flow by purchasing their account receivables.

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Head of Regional Sales Food & Agri ANZ and Asia

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