Direct Asset Finance

Simplify the acquisition of your capital equipment and software with flexible and holistic financing services.

Preserve your liquidity and reduce risk

Gain control and negotiating power to easily acquire the essential assets your business needs. Companies can benefit from DLL's flexible solutions, traditional financing and leasing options, and usage-based solutions. DLL can accommodate your asset needs regardless of the brand or manufacturer, along with associated soft costs—greatly simplifying the process and management of your capital assets.

Thrive with a leading asset finance provider

Partner with asset and industry experts

Gain advanced portfolio management

Leverage usage-based solutions

Discover finance solutions that meet your needs

Traditional equipment financing products
Fair market value lease
Use the equipment, trade it in later for newer, upgraded assets or purchase the equipment at the determined fair market value at the end of the term. These leases typically have the lowest monthly payment.

Dollar purchase option
Use the equipment with the intent to keep it after the financing term. You can purchase the equipment after the lease ends for a nominal fee – usually $1.

Software financing
Unlike most banks, DLL helps business finance software-only transactions. DLL offers this solution as we understand that software can be a sizable capital cost and has become an integral need for businesses of all sizes.

Get asset-backed financing to own the equipment you want.

If you don’t have insurance, DLL can include the cost in the lease so you still have one simple, monthly payment.

Master lease agreements
Enjoy the freedom of revolving acquisitions through a master lease agreement.

  • One over-arching agreement that covers all leases and financing with DLL
  • Upgrade your equipment or software and add new assets to your master lease agreement under different schedules at any time, without additional negotiations — and only one monthly payment.
78% of U.S. businesses across all industries rely on financing equipment purchases through loans, leases and lines of credit.
Equipment Leasing and Financing Foundation

See why DLL is more than money

Brand and equipment choices
The standard way of doing business creates separate financing agreements for each asset or manufacturer. With DLL, you can apply one financing solution to all of your business-critical equipment and software, regardless of equipment type or brand. One relationship, one contract.

100% financing
Bundle equipment, software, installation, configuration, maintenance and service costs into one financing agreement with one convenient, single monthly payment—all while reducing your administrative burden.

Asset expertise
Feel confident that you are financing your capital equipment properly and in the most cost-efficient way. Our deep industry knowledge and expertise is the catalyst for tailoring the right financing that fits your business needs. Equipment and software financing is what we do. All day, every day.

Portfolio management
Depend on us to be your single, trusted partner to manage your asset portfolio. With over 50 years of asset management expertise, we understand your equipment and its after-market value. That can mean better lease pricing based on future market insight.

“Martinus spent millions overhauling and upgrading a piece of specialised equipment within our existing fleet. Through our partnership with DLL, they were able to support us in funding this essential capital expenditure."

Tim Cooks, General Manager Finance Martinus Rail

Understanding the benefits of asset finance

  • Experience lower costs
  • We effectively eliminate the middleman and the associated costs.
  • Enjoy payment flexibility
  • Pay less in the beginning and pay more near the end of the term, pay more during peak season or delay payments to meet potential budgeting constraints.
  • Gain negotiating power
  • Bring your own financing to the table when purchasing equipment and software, and you may potentially lower the cost.
  • Obtain operational flexibility
  • Easily add new equipment under the master lease agreement by simply adding a new lease schedule.
  • Conserve business capital
  • By leasing, you can keep your cash and credit lines intact for important business initiatives — expansion, headcount and improvements.
  • Simplify equipment upgrades
  • Return equipment assets and replace them with newer, more efficient models, while continuing with one manageable monthly payment.

Feel confident with a global finance leader

With 50 years of experience, DLL understands the unique needs of our partners around the world—and offers proven solutions to help businesses thrive.