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Upgrade IT budgets without the glitches

At DLL, we speak tech. We make it easy for you to deliver the right IT solution, to the right customers, for the right payment through flexible and fully integrated software and technology financing programs. Whether its a flexible lease, loan, or an 'as-a-Service" structure, we help you maximize your customers IT spend, refresh strategy and drive IT investment.

Upgrade IT budgets without the glitches

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Tech manufacturers

We specialize in developing finance programs for global technology companies that help grow sales, increase margins and drive customer loyalty.  Whether you sell through a direct sales team or channel partners, our software and technology financing programs help sell more of your leading edge technology through flexible payment terms and IT focused structures.  Developing leading software and technology is no longer enough.  When your customers want solutions that drive outcomes and provide measurable ROI, DLL offers software and technology financing solutions that maximize their strategy.

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Tech dealers and resellers

Meeting your customers unique and ever changing payment demands can have a major impact on your cashflow. Offering payment flexibility will help you overcome customer IT budget and funding constraints, all while locking in customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Our software and technology financing solutions are a catalyst for increased sales, profits, customer retention and cashflow for your business.

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Tech buyers and businesses 

Acquiring critical hardware, software and services can impact your balance sheet, cashflow and budget cycles. Finding a payment solution that can bring all your costs into one contract with a flexible payment can be a game changer for your bottom-line. Our software and technology financing products are the foundation you need to eliminate tech debt and strategically plan for IT investment decisions to build a roadmap for the future.

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IT Resellers’ Guide to Technology Financing

Financing is one way your customers can get their IT needs met without the budget “glitches”.

Technology leasing can be a significant source of above-market growth, expanding the possibilities for you and your customers.

This eBook explores the role tech leasing can play in achieving your goals.

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Life Cycle Asset Management


A business model based on the insight that end users value equipment usefulness over purchasing or owning it, while the manufacturer manages the equipment's life cycle from production to disposal.

Don't let limited budgets crash tech spending

Our tech solutions finance team are experts in the industry, with an in-depth understanding of asset life and utilization, that helps us provide customized, flexible financial solutions. We speak tech.