Deutsche Telekom relies on DLL’s mobile financing solution

The ability to seamlessly complete leasing and financing agreements with customers is a major part of Telekom Deutschland GmbH’s daily business. Deutsche Telekom offers broadband network, mobile telecommunications, and other telecom services to residential and commercial customers in Germany. The telecommunications company has been using DLL’s Finance mobile app since June 2018.

The DLL Finance app is a mobile app for tablets and smartphones that gives Deutsche Telekom the ability to create financing solutions for its customers, anytime and anywhere. Among the benefits, the app makes it possible to seamlessly compare financing options, almost instantaneously check credit scores, display quotes and order status, and create and send documents.

Customers enjoy an on-the-spot, transparent financing solution with the ability to work through calculations and contract options and create the right product before real-time submission. All of this helps deliver a better customer experience.

The Deutsche Telekom team can seamlessly check calculations and contract options on the move, generate and send quotes—all made possible by the DLL Finance app.