Driving new value with customer centric finance solutions

Andreas Schmitz, Schmitz Cargobull (left) and Carlo van Kemenade, DLL (right)

Joint ventures don’t typically draw comparisons to good marriages. A few, however, do make good on that promise. Schmitz Cargobull Finance (CBF), the 15-year joint venture partnership between financial solutions provider DLL and Europe’s leading trailer producer Schmitz Cargobull AG works. By building customer value and trust.

Europe’s leading trailer producer
DLL has been supporting Schmitz Cargobull since the 1990s when it focused on its home market in Germany. To back its expansionary plans with strong finance solutions, the CBF partnership was sealed in 2000. In 2007, they extended the successful partnership, just as world markets suffered a serious recession.

The experience of staying strong together, through tough market conditions, helped build the trust further. “With our market tumbling down significantly,” recalls Schmitz Cargobull CEO Andreas Schmitz, “DLL didn’t hesitate in sticking by us. It’s at such times that you realize who your friends really are.”

Our business relationship is almost like a marriage, you work together to find ways to make it work and you go through thick and thin together – this is what creates a true partnership.