“For the clients, Rabobank and DLL are a single unit”

Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep is one of the major Volkswagen/Audi/SEAT/Skoda dealers in the Netherlands. Since 2010 the Rabobank Group has been financing the company’s motorcar operations as well as its leasing activities. A tailor-made construction was developed for this in cooperation with DLL.

Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep has six branches and about 250 employees. Besides car sales the company also has its own car rental, car leasing, car conversion and car repair department. With that the company has covered the whole mobility circle.

Rabobank finances the entire dealership business, including new and used cars. DLL monitors the real-time stock of used cars for Rabobank. DLL also finances all the leasing and rental facilities.

Strengthening one another
According to senior account manager Hendrik Jan Lindenhovius of Rabobank Corporate Clients the Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep business case is a good illustration of just how strongly Rabobank can present itself as a group. “Together, we have a great deal of know-how in the automotive industry. The deal team is enthusiastic and closely involved with the client. The local bank, DLL and ourselves at RCC visit Huiskes-Kokkeler regularly. We really present ourselves as a team for this enterprising client. And the client truly appreciates that.”

huiskeskokkelerJan Koopman, managing director/co-owner of Huiskes-Kokkeler Autogroep.“The terms are good and the talks were pleasant. An important point for us is that we are dealing directly with people who have the authority to make decisions. We don’t want to get involved later on in a long process with all kinds of different departments. We don’t have time for that. When you’re making deals you need to decide things quickly.”

“Rabobank solution”
Koopman sees the whole deal as a ‘Rabobank solution’. “The exact department that is involved; local Rabobank, DLL or Rabobank Nederland, doesn’t really interest me. For us it is an integral deal with the Rabobank.”