Bring more to the table in food production

Adding value

We offer financing solutions for food processing and packaging companies including loans, leases, progress payments, and solutions for extended service contracts.

Food facts

  • Food waste
    One good way to ensure that we have enough food is to reduce the waste. That’s why we support the leading companies who invest in food packaging equipment.
  • Water
    Currently 70% of the water available worldwide is used in Agriculture. The continued optimization of the use of this scarce resource is critical. That’s why we support many irrigation projects across the world.
  • Wine barrels and apple crates
    We understand the importance certain assets have for your operation. That’s why we offer flexible financial solutions for wineries and orchards.

Understanding the heart and soul of your business

Population growth

By 2050 there will be 9 billion people on earth (2 billion more than now), making it vital that food production advances at an even faster rate.

Pressure on food chain

As populations grow, so too does the importance of food safety and quality.

Resource scarcity

The growing world population means that current consumption patterns will be impossible without better use of resources and more sustainable solutions.

Pieralisi Group

Dedicated innovators

Our food solutions

Inventory finance

We ensure you can maintain the right level of inventory to maximize your sales opportunities while controlling your expenses.

Retail finance

Customized payment schedule programs to match your customer's cashflow and financial merchandizing programs that drive repeat sales.


Operating and capital leases that benefit you and your customer.

Asset management

Creating value through an asset’s entire life cycle to help our vendor partners meet sales and growth objectives.

Asset risk solutions

DLL works with partners to provide insurance and asset protection solutions to thousands of lessees every year. Extra protection in case it is needed.