Our purpose

We bring our purpose to
through four aspects
that express what DLL is all

Our values

Collaboration, respect, passion, and development are very closely related to our purpose and describe how we do things.

Brand Hub

Our brand emphasizes that at DLL we all share the same values and have the same purpose - to enable businesses to use the assets they need to contribute meaningfully to the world, both economically and socially. Partnership and mutual progress are at the heart of our company and visual identity. Therefore the upward movement is seen throughout the whole layout, as well as authentic photography, that shows our people and assets in use in the real economy, where there's always work in progress. The DLL Brand Hub sets out in detail how our brand should look and feel, and how it should be applied and managed. Use our brand hub website to find all info about our DLL brand.

Our logo

Partnership and mutual progress are at the heart of our company. This is reflected in our logo. The two Ls symbolize a true partnership between DLL and its partners, but also between DLL and its members. Additionally, the two stacked Ls symbolize the start of an upward moving progressive movement. Progressing through partnership. This is the core of DLL's visual identity. The DLL logo is only complete with its descriptor 'financial solutions partner'. We made it a part of the logo because it describes what we do and our business domain.