Life Cycle Asset Management

    When equipment is given a new lease on life

    When you give the equipment a new lease on life on the basis of circular economy, DLL will help you check whether products and parts need to be refurbished at the end of the first leasing period. A smooth process for collecting, disposal and recycling can be arranged.

    Our solutions

    DLL provides customised financing solutions that are suitable for a circular economy, for example operating leasing, extended usage, redistribution and second life financing. We share our know-how within several main areas – know-how we have obtained as a result of our experience in transitioning to a business model based on a circular economy.

    Common questions about LCAM

    What is LCAM?
    Life cycle asset management is DLL's approach to a user-based business model in which end users value the equipment's benefit over buying or owning it. Manufacturers manage the equipment's entire technical life cycle, from production to disposal.

    How does it work?
    Together with our partners, we optimise circular business models during the equipment's technical life cycle. We achieve this with in-depth insight into how innovation, policy and utilisation impact a product's economic life cycle. We also actively look for opportunities to modernise, reprocess, make design modifications and recycle.

    What are the advantages?
    Recycling raw materials and the product's original parts renders a cost-efficient manufacturing process. This also helps you reach your sustainability goals.

    Who benefits from LCAM?
    Life cycle asset management gives added value to manufacturers and dealers and to reprocessing, service and rental companies that have a sustainable and user-oriented approach.

    LCAM process

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