Life Cycle Asset Management

Simple and sustainable IT Lifecycle management

How Life Cycle Asset Management works

We give you full flexibility and control of your equipment by financing it and registering it in the Asset Management System. Budgeting and administration is greatly facilitated by keeping track of where your IT equipment is at all times and what costs are incurred. When you are done with the equipment, we pick it up and make sure it gets reused or recycled. This is beneficial for both you and the environment.

Do your employees have the IT equipment they need to work efficiently?

Stay abreast of technical developments

With DLL´s Life Cycle Asset Management solution, you can guarantee your colleagues´ IT equipment is all up to date in three steps.

Step 1: Choose IT equipment from your supplier

Financing the equipment with DLL gives you the flexibility to exchange and upgrade whenever you need. You pay a monthly fee and can choose whether you want to include service from your IT supplier.

Step 2: Sign the rental agreement with BankID

You’ll receive a rental agreement from your supplier that you simply sign with BankID. Just follow the instructions in the mail once you accept the order.

Step 3: Log into the Asset Management System

We scan all the IT equipment into the Asset Management System and send you the login details. This way you have a good overview of your equipment by user or cost center.

Why own when you can rent?

One invoice
DLL financing simplifies administration. All technical equipment, its maintenance, insurance, related services and costs that are included in your financing are itemized on one invoice.

Free-up capital
Instead of paying for a whole IT upgrade up-front, with DLL financing you can spread the payments over a longer period. This frees up working capital which leads to increased buying power.

More productive colleagues
Choosing DLL financing is a smart choice when it comes to a company’s IT equipment. This way, you can plan for regular equipment upgrades, spread out the payments, and often have lower support expenses and therefore more productive colleagues.

DLL has a good insurance plan with low deductibles so you always have functioning equipment.

Fixed monthly cost
Regular fixed payments makes budgets more transparent and easier to predict cash low.

Take control of your IT equipment with our Asset Management System

Handle hundreds of units in one system
As a DLL customer, you have access to the Asset Management System which simplifies control of your financed equipment.

Lock and update new equipment
New equipment can easily be imported into the Asset Management System. You can also very quickly update information on existing equipment with one function.

The possibility exists for you as a user to generate reports in Excel on all information that exists in the system.

Non DLL assets
The DLL Asset Management System allows the users to add their own assets to the system enabling a holistic view of all the assets a customer has.

Portfolio authorizations
With the flexible portfolio management capabilities in the Asset Management System you can set up portfolios based on your company structure and adjust the authorities on a user level ensuring that all of the users you add to the system has access to the correct assets, with their intended rights to alter them.

End of lease handling

Together with certified partner, we handle your used IT equipment.

Booking returns
Book your returns by contacting DLL’s certified cooperation partner when your contract runs out. DLL´s partner picks up the old equipment at the customer’s site. During transport it is packed in a so-called IT Box with a combination lock for security reasons. Once at DLL´s partner, the product is registered with serial number and date. It then gets marked with a special number for traceability throughout the returns process and gets a project number.

DLL´s partner goes through the products
For security reasons, all equipment and data is wiped clean by DLL´s partner which has the highest security rating. All personnel with site and equipment access are bound by nondisclosure agreements.

The product is either sold or sent for certified environmental recycling
Machines whose data has been deleted are tested and reconditioned in separate workflow. Functionality tests are done to ensure that as many machines as possible are made available for reuse either through reselling or recycling. If economically viable, defective units are registered and repaired.

DLL´s partner compiles a returns report and a certificate of data deletion on all machines. Once a year, individual environmental reports are generated detailing how many machines were reconditioned or scraped, including the total amount fossil fuel and CO2 saved as a result.

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Manager Asset Sales Sweden & Nordic Coordinator

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