Commercial Finance

Provide inventory finance and asset-based lending solutions to your partners.

    Financing the entire sales cycle

    By providing various channel partner finance solutions, including asset-based inventory finance, we provide substantial value to the distribution channel and support our partners’ long-term growth objectives. Our solutions are designed specifically for equipment dealers and manufacturers and will help drive sales through finance programs tailored to your needs.

    Adding Value to your business

    Genuine sector know-how
    By focusing on key sectors, we have developed specialized industry expertise in the following markets: Food & Agriculture; Construction, Transportation & Industrial; Healthcare; Clean Technology and Office Technology.

    Deeper understanding
    We approach our partnership by thinking strategically with you to find original solutions that will help you and your clients thrive over the long-term. We believe genuine partnerships are built on trust, not numbers.

    Meeting challenges together
    Over the last 40 years, we’ve grown from a small local company into a global one. So we understand the challenges you face to grow your business and sustain success.

    Strength and security
    As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group, DLL is backed by the strength and stability of a global financial institution with exceptionally high credit ratings.

    Inventory finance
    DLL’s Inventory Finance approach gives dealers a competitive edge – with more equipment on hand and delivery times that are faster, meaning ready-for-sale inventory, optimized cash flow and financial flexibility.

    Online and real-time
    Our web based inventory finance system provides you fully updated account information at any time and will assist you in the reconciliation and management of your facility.

    More inventory gives you a competitive edge

    The Benefits of Commercial Finance

    Vendor benefits

    • Increased sales
    • Extended terms
    • Customized programs
    • Reduced administration
    • Reduced Day Sales Outstanding
    • Dedicated credit lines for supplier goods
    • Transfer of dealer payment risk to DLL

    Dealer benefits

    • Maximize sales opportunities by increased stock holding
    • Faster customer delivery
    • Initial interest-free financing period
    • New and "Demo" plans
    • Increased purchasing power
    • 100% advance on inventory purchases

    Solutions to help your business to grow

    Products and services

    Inventory financing

    Supplier sponsored program that provides a dealer the ability to finance products for a period of time without impacting cash flow. In many cases this period is completely interest-free to the dealer.

    Account receiveable financing

    A self-liquidating line of credit that works in conjunction with an inventory finance credit line. The dealer borrows on their accounts receivables, providing supplemental working capital financing directly to dealer.

    Purchase order program

    Allows dealers to win or bid on large transactions by utilizing the financial strength of the end-user as collateral. DLL provides an inventory finance credit line to the dealer, receives a contractual direct pay arrangement from the end-user and reimburses the dealer any funds not due to DLL.

    Demo equipment programs

    Supplier sponsored program that provides a dealer the ability to finance new models for dealer show rooms. In many cases, the financing time period is extended to make these more expensive models affordable.

    DLL Commercial Finance solutions are suitable for all products and provides that competitive edge to you and your channel partners.

    Hard Assets

    from DLL on Vimeo.

    Soft Assets

    Gain the commercial finance advantage

    Vendor benefit highlights:

    • Shortened and predictable days sales outstanding
    • Increased dealer purchasing power increases incremental revenue
    • Transfer of dealer payment risk to DLL
    • Accounts receivable consolidation to one source

    Dealer benefit highlights:

    • Higher credit line increases purchasing power
    • Ease of borrowing
    • Improves cash flow management
    • Low cost method of finance

    Grow your business with Commercial Finance solutions