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Financing solutions for manufacturers, dealers, distributors, rental companies and users of material handling and industrial equipment. Cooperation with leading sellers to supply turnkey solutions to their customers. Support to partners in taking the world forward sustainably and profitably.

Facts about the industrial sector

  • Materials handling
    In 2013, the forklift trucks in our product portfolio transported over 200 million tonnes of goods.
  • Finished goods in 2013
    The steel industry across the entire world produced 1.6 billion tonnes of crude steel, and 1,481 million tonnes of finished steel products were used globally.
  • Energy consumption
    The global energy consumption in 2011 was 524 septillion Btu. This figure is expected to rise by 56% by 2040, reaching 820 septillion Btu at that time.

In-depth insight into your business


Basic principles

We understand that unique financing options are required for the needs in various industrial sectors to be satisfied in the best manner possible. This understanding helps you develop your company and processes.


Global footprint

We help our partners with their global expansion within materials handling and the industrial sector in more than 25 countries.


Utilisation of equipment instead of ownership

In-depth understanding of the equipment's life cycle and usage areas means we can provide customised and flexible financing solutions and help you reduce the total cost of ownership.

Our solutions in the industrial sector


Product financing

A broad range of products and services, including leasing, progress payments and financial and operating leasing.

Asset management

Generates value throughout the equipment's entire life cycle to help our partners achieve their sales and growth goals.

Rental fleet management

Financing solutions connected to vehicle fleet management to match different budgets and needs. These solutions help you effectively manage your vehicle fleet and reduce the total ownership cost.


Customised solutions

Structures, terms and conditions and insurance options adapted to the specific needs of your business within the industrial sector.


Sales financing

We provide manufacturers and dealers with flexible financing programmes. Our extensive experience and expertise in the construction industry means we can offer financing solutions that are adapted to your specific business.

Life Cycle Asset Management


A business model based on the insight that end users value equipment usefulness over purchasing or owning it, while the manufacturer manages the equipment's life cycle from production to disposal.

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