1. How can I assign an agreement to a new company?  
To assign an agreement will be a process where both resigned companies and attending companies are involved. Contact us at Kundservice, and we will be at your service.   

2. How can I receive a copy of my agreement? 
Email us at Kundservice with info about your:
- agreement number
- e-mailadress
- contact person
Please mail us via Kundservice and provide the agreement number you need a copy of. 

3. How do I terminate my agreement?
Notice of termination needs to be via an email to End of Lease.

4. How long is the period of notice?
We comply a 3-month notice period, before the end of the contract period.

5. Where do I find info about insurances?
You will find info about insurances here.
To do an insurance claim, please use the following link here.

6. What kind of invoice alternative do you have?  
Autogiro, PDF-invoice via mail, digital invoicing (EDI) and physical invoice. 

7. How do I update my invoice adress? 
Please mail us at Kundservice

8. How can I receive an additional copy of my invoice?
Please mail us via Kundservice

9. Where do I sign up for Autogiro?
You have two alternatives to sign up for Autogiro:

1. Log in to your own Internet bank:  Log into you bank and search for De Lage Landen in the corporate catalogue to connect to the services for your company.    
In the field, “Betalnummer”  is the area for organization number or personal id. In the field, ‘Special information’ is the area for the agreement number and the customer number 
2.You can search for the form ‘Autogiroanmälan - medgivande till kontonummer’ at bankgiro.se.  Mail us at Kundservice or send us the form via ordinary post to:  

DLL Finans AB   
Box 7754   
103 96 Stockholm  

Contact information

Do you want some more info about us and how you can offer financing to your customers? 
Stockholm 08 -781 06 90 eller stockholm@dllgroup.com, Göteborg 031- 770 82 00 eller goteborg@dllgroup.com  

I am a Partner/Customer at DLL, how do I get in contact with your support?    
Stockholm 08 -781 06 90 or stockholm@dllgroup.com, Göteborg 031- 770 82 00 or goteborg@dllgroup.com