DLL supports Sacyr Industrial in its bidto grow in Chile


Sacyr is a major player in South America’s infrastructure and transportation growth. Over the past 20 years in Chile alone, the Group’s concession and construction businesses have invested more than €5.8 billion in projects. Yet for Sacyr Industrial, the Group's youngest division, winning the business of electricity distributor Compañía General de Electricidad (CGE) marked its first major achievement in Chile. It also opened the door to a new collaboration with DLL.

The six-year, €44 million contract between Sacyr Industrial and Chilena CGE involves operating and maintaining the electricity provider’s medium and low-voltage grids throughout the country. DLL financed 23 customized light trucks to maintain the grid.

“After winning the contract, Sacyr needed these trucks quickly,” says Julian Infante, Sales Manager at DLL Chile. “And not just standard trucks, but trucks fitted with special cranes customization. They approached us in September. By January they had their trucks.”

Because Chile imports all its vehicles, DLL turned to its local partner and mega dealer, Salfa. The close partnership between Sacyr, DLL, Salfa and DLL’s risk department enabled the rapid financing, importing and customizing of 23 Chevrolet GM light trucks.

“It was a great collaboration,” says Cristina Leon, Chief Financial Officer at Sacyr Industrial. “DLL did everything they needed to do to meet our deadline.”

Stand alone player

The Sacyr Group may be a global leader in construction and infrastructure, with projects in 29 countries and on 5 continents, but Leon makes clear that Sacyr Industrial is a stand-alone division responsible for growing its own business.

“We are the youngest division in the holding company,” she says. “The Group supports our development and offers financial guarantees, but we are expected to find our own way.”

In just one year, Sacyr Industrial has won five major projects, the contract with Chilean CGE is Sacyr Industrial’s second contract in the electrical grid maintenance sector.

“It was quite a challenge securing finance for a brand-new company with no history in Chile, no financial records,” says Infante. “But we met with Cristina, laid all the cards on the table and made all the right decisions together.”

Because Leon is based at Grupo Sacyr’s headquarters in Madrid, much of their communication took place via telephone, WhatsApp, and email. For the two internationally oriented partner, however, working from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean was business as usual.

“The DLL team is very easy to work with,” says Leon. “We speak the same language of international business, which is important. They have the local know-how but also the international contacts and experience.”

The DLL team is easy to work with.We speak the same language of international business, which is important. They have the local know-how but also the international contacts and experience."

Future expansion

Building on the Chilena CGE contract, Sacyr Industrial expects to continue its rapid growth both in Chile and across the region. Able to offer its maintenance services in an enormous range of industries, Sacyr Industrial sees plenty of opportunity to export their relationship with DLL.

“We have an affiliate company in Spain that manages city waste and urban infrastructure and is eager to expand internationally,” says Leon. “This is precisely the kind of business DLL can help us grow.”

That DLL is already financing this affiliate company in Spain indicates how much the two companies overlap.

“We have a lot to offer each other,” concludes DLL’s Infante. “We are ready and willing to help.”