Energy as a service growth trends

Energy efficiency as a service is expected to grow 46.3% globally over the next 5 years.

"Financial benefits, such as instant return on investment without any upfront capital cost, and government policies and regulations for adoption of energy efficient lighting systems, are major factors driving the lighting [or energy] as a service market"1.

Benefits for customers
  • No upfront investment
  • Allows nominal upgrades to be completed under the initial contract structure
  • Results in positive cash flow on day one
  • Provides ongoing energy savings and service
  • Includes maintenance and asset repair costs
Financing for Energy Efficiency as a Service  

    DLL offers financing options for the following service contract structures:

  • Unbundled contracts (billing & collection of services only)
  • Bundling of services (service and maintenance only)
  • Bundling of service and maintenance services plus other asset-related services
  • Full-service contracts (bundling of service and maintenance services plus other non-asset-related services)
  • Managed services as a service contract
Contracts may include:
  • Payment terms
  • Service/maintenance
  • Disposables
  • Performance guarantees


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1Lighting as a Service Market by End-User (Commercial, Municipal, and Industrial), Installation (Indoor, and Outdoor), Component (Luminaires, Software & Communication Systems, and Maintenance Services), and Region - Global Forecast to 2021; By:; Publishing Date: October 2016; Report Code: EP 4633