Clean Technology

Financing a better future

Generates added value for the environment

We are especially proud when we finance projects that help reduce environmental impact. This might pertain to a solution that promotes energy efficiency, utilisation of alternative energy, reduced carbon dioxide emissions or that focuses on the sustainability of our natural resources. There are many unique solutions for products, services and methods that not only increase profits and improve results, but that above all also reduce energy consumption or waste and pollution. Quite simply – less environmental impact. This is something we greatly appreciate at DLL.

Facts about Clean Technology

  • Positive environmental impact
    Over the course of one year, the clean tech equipment we finance has the same positive environmental impact as planting 700,000 trees over a ten-year period.
  • Renewable resources
    Our growth continues as regards financing of new technical solutions for energy efficiency, water purification and other renewable resources.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
    The clean tech equipment we financed during 2013 reduced carbon dioxide emissions as much as 90 km2 pine forest does.

In-depth insight into your business

Brighter future

Eliminates high initial costs

It can take a while before savings from the investment in clean technology become visible. DLL's solutions eliminate high initial costs and facilitate the transition to renewable technology.


Brighter future

Lighting can account for up to 50% of an office's costs, which means there are opportunities for companies to cut costs.


Solar energy

The global solar energy market is growing by 18% a year, and falling prices make the market increasingly attractive and accessible to everyone.

Our solutions


Customised solutions

Structures and terms and conditions adapted to the specific needs of your business within clean technology.


Installment payments

Financing with installment payments is perfect for a project-based solution that can be installed over an extended period of time. Installment payments can be included in the financing of the total solution.

Life Cycle Asset Management


A business model based on the insight that end users value equipment usefulness over purchasing or owning it, while the manufacturer manages the equipment's life cycle from production to disposal.

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