Corporate Responsibility

At DLL, we are committed to making sure our customers, society and the environment benefit long into the future. Sustainability is essential to our mutual long-term success. Read more about the three pillars of our sustainability approach below.

Sustainable solutions

We do not just adapt to the trend of  'use, not own', but we actively contribute to the circular economy by creating sustainable business solutions (like our management of assets throughout their entire technical life program: Life Cycle Asset Management). We also want to be your preferred supplier of clean technology.

Sustainable solutions

Societal impact

We try to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate through financial contributions and expertise provided via employee volunteer programs. In emerging countries, we improve access to (micro) leasing solutions to achieve economic development.

Sustainability societal impact

Responsible business operations

We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint and measure our impact on the environment and climate change. We aim to meet our reduction targets through resource optimization, changes in behavior, and technological innovation. We uphold high standards of ethical behavior in the way we do business, and we strive to improve our impact on the environment.

responsible business operations