Inventory Finance Supports Apollo’s Sales Cycle for Recreational Vehicles

Industry:Commercial Finance

Founded in 1985 in Brisbane, Australia, Apollo Tourism and Leisure is a vertically integrated global business that focuses on manufacturing, rental, sales and distribution of recreational vehicles (RVs). They have branches throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.

Apollo has partnered with DLL to provide financing to their retail dealerships across Australia and New Zealand, and DLL's solution includes:

  • Import finance for overseas RV and caravan manufacturers
  • Apollo’s own manufactured product
  • Finance of ex-rental and used RVs

As a global vendor finance provider, DLL offers customized and sustainable financial solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. This includes inventory financing that can offer organizations increased purchasing power, improved cash flow management, and greater financial flexibility via a DLL floorplan finance facility. 

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rabobank Group, DLL is active in more than 30 countries and has over 50 years of experience and a global portfolio of more than $40 billion. Its solutions span several industries, including recreational products, food and agriculture, healthcare, clean technology, construction, transportation, industrial, office equipment, and technology solutions, which helps keep a balanced and stable portfolio. 

What we really like about DLL is the flexibility it offers. Rather than just helping us with some of our financing, the company has the ability to be that all-encompassing partner to us. Since DLL has come onboard, we’ve consolidated floorplan providers."

In 2018, Dan Foster, Sales Manager for DLL in Australia and New Zealand, reached out to Luke Trouchet, CEO and Managing Director at Apollo, about inventory finance opportunities. Dan had previously worked with Luke and knew DLL’s flexibility, unparalleled customer service, and expertise in cyclical markets could help Apollo grow its business and achieve its strategic goals.

“The RV industry goes through cycles,” says Luke. “We knew we wanted a finance partner that would be with us not only during the strong times, but also when it’s challenging. When Dan shared DLL’s agricultural background with us—an industry that is also very cyclical—that experience really stood out.”

After several conversations between Dan and Luke, DLL’s local management team met with Luke and Ross Wilding, Apollo’s financial controller, at the DLL Sydney office. Within weeks, DLL approved Apollo for a credit facility. 

“Once we had credit approval, it was easy to get the operations up and running,” says Ross. “We use our DLL facility to purchase products from specific vendors, and DLL has been flexible in allowing us to use our facility for several brands and services. Overall, it has been a seamless process.”

DLL’s credit facility helps Apollo in a variety of ways. Not only can it be used to finance Apollo’s own manufactured product, but it also helps the company import goods from other RV manufacturers that are sold through its network of dealerships. Additionally, Apollo has an RV rental business supported by DLL. Over timeand as Apollo’s business goals changedDan helped establish floorplan programs to sell ex-rental units through its retail stores to keep up with consumer demand.

“At DLL, our goal is to partner with companies for the long term,” says Dan. “We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to our financing relationships. When we met with Apollo, it was so important to understand its unique business model. Our rich agriculture background gave us the foundation to develop a custom financial solution tailored to Apollo’s goals, and we’ve adapted that as the company’s business needs have changed.” 

“What we really like about DLL is the flexibility it offers,” adds Luke. “Rather than just helping us with some of our financing, the company has the ability to be that all-encompassing partner to us. Since DLL has come onboard, we’ve consolidated floorplan providers.”

As Luke looks to the future, he sees huge growth potential not only in Australia and New Zealand, but also across the world. Now, Luke and Dan are exploring how a DLL facility can support Apollo’s business in North America. For Luke, having a long-term finance partner with an international presence can help make his goal of becoming the global RV solution achievable. 

“Selling RVs and manufacturing them is a very capital-intensive part of our business,” Luke says. “When you’re looking at growth over the next few years, having a key financier who has your back—like DLL—is really critical. This isn’t just a transactional relationship, it’s truly a business partnership.”

For more information on how DLL supports the RV industry, visit DLL’s website. Additional information on DLL’s inventory finance solution can also be found online.