her journey
from part-time
job to Team Lead

In 2008, Ferhan Seven started her studies in Financial Services Management. Like many students, she needed a part-time job. And she found one. “I had no idea that would be the start of a wonderful career,” says Ferhan. “I love the open, informal culture at DLL. I love the opportunities to develop. I love the way we work together as a team.”

A career in one of the world’s largest financial services companies

That part-time job was at Rabobank in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, one of the world’s largest financial services companies. And it was the start of something big. When Ferhan finished her studies in 2012, she was offered a temporary job in the Contract Management department at DLL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rabobank Group. “I was so happy,” says Ferhan.

Within just a few months, she told her manager she was looking for more challenges, and she got them. Ferhan was offered a longer contract and promoted to All-around Associate, responsible for processes and projects in the team.

A tough choice: Rabobank or DLL?

In 2014, Ferhan became a Senior Associate in DLL’s Contract Management & Support General team. But in 2017, she had to make a difficult decision.

Before 2017, Rabobank and DLL were combined in one operation. In that year, however, the operations were split. Employees were given a choice. Rabobank or DLL? “I loved working in the DLL team at Rabobank,” says Ferhan. “I knew DLL and I would be a great fit and they would offer great opportunities. I chose DLL.”

Making things happen from the back office

Ferhan was right about the opportunities. In 2018, she was promoted to Team Lead. “Early on, I indicated I was eager to develop,” she says. “That worked! I became the leader of a great team.”

In a financial leasing company, contract management puts you squarely in the heart of the core business. That’s an exciting place to be. “We work in the ‘back office’ but we are in daily contact with the customer,” says Ferhan. “Together with the sales teams in the front office, we make sure customers get the contracts that are right for them and right for us. It’s gratifying work. You can make a real difference in the customer experience and the business results.”

Ferhan Seven

Team Lead Contract Management & Support Specialties

Dutch and Turkish

Fontys University Eindhoven, Bachelor of Business Administration

Years with DLL

Previous positions/employers

  • Team Lead Contract Management & Support General, DLL
  • Senior Customer Service Desk (Job Rotation), DLL
  • Senior Contract Management & Support, DLL
  • Back-up Team Leader Collection & Recovery, Rabobank
I love the open, informal culture at DLL. I love the opportunities to develop. I love the way we work together as a team "

Growing in a big new world

After 10 years and numerous promotions in DLL, Ferhan was ready for the next step. In 2023, she started her new job as Team Lead of the Contract Management & Support Specialties department, where she steers a team of 14 people. This move brings several challenges.

“First, it is a much larger team,” says Ferhan. “Second, it’s a new world for me. I worked for years in the Support department. I did all the jobs. I worked my way up. I know how everything works. In the Specialities department, everything is new.”

A safe place to grow in a dynamic environment

So how does Ferhan experience her new position? “Here you see that DLL is a great place to work, with a culture characterized by cooperation, respect and passion,” she says. “They created a safe process and environment where I could explore possibilities and make a decision. What’s more, the world of finance is changing rapidly. Digitization, robotics and artificial intelligence are all affecting how we work. This brings many dynamics and creates a fascinating environment. I was ready for a new challenge. It’s very exciting.”

It’s gratifying work. You can make a real difference in the customer experience and the business results."

And it’s all in downtown Eindhoven!

From that modest student job at Rabobank, Ferhan worked hard to shape a rewarding career journey in DLL. And for her, there’s one big additional benefit. DLL offices are located in downtown Eindhoven!

“It’s such a lively, livable city,” says Ferhan. “The technical university and many high-tech companies bring people from around the world to Eindhoven. And it’s just the right size. It’s not too big. It’s not too small. There’s great shopping and entertainment. I grew up in this area. I’m so happy to build my life here.”