Responsible Business Operations

Our strong business and societal ethics drive us every day.

Leading through responsible business operations

DLL is a responsible financial partner, proactively managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks in our business. We strive to improve our impact on the environment through resource optimization, behavioral change and technological innovation.

Our ESG Risk policy provides a global framework to:

  • Identify, manage and monitor ESG risk related to DLL business relations
  • Respect the local norms and values of the countries in which DLL operates

Our business partners are expected to follow responsible business operations.  Read Sustainability Statement

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Risk

We uphold high internal and external standards of ethical behavior in the way we do business. We actively support the transition towards sustainable sectors in which we are active, and support transparency in our financial products and services.

DLL provides financial solutions to partners aligned with our Global Code of Conduct and Rabobank Sustainability Policy Framework. Consequently, DLL aims to create long-term value for people inside and outside our organization, the environment and the economy through our business operations.

This commitment to sustainability is something DLL also expects from vendors, suppliers, dealers and their customers.

Business Principles Committee (BPC)

DLL has a Business Principles Committee (BPC) in place that advises the Executive Board on DLL’s ethical course and promotes ethical behavior within the organization. The Committee meets frequently to review business requests and transactions to ensure DLL internal and external stakeholder interests are optimally balanced with DLL’s own business interest and ethical standards.

Promoting sustainability through reduction of carbon footprint

DLL is committed to reduce its own environmental footprint. For this reason, DLL has achieved the global target to reduce 10% CO2 per Full Time Employee (FTE) by 2020 compared with 2013. Looking at this target, DLL is outperforming. Compared to 2013, DLL saw a decrease of almost 2000 kg CO2 per FTE in 2019, which correlates to a 44% decrease.

Green offices contributing to sustainability efforts

Contributing to our CO2 target, several DLL offices are situated in a sustainable location.

  • Our refurbished global headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, was awarded BREEAM certification—the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings.
  • Our US office in Wayne, Pennsylvania was awarded LEED certification—a set of voluntary performance standards designed to maximize a building’s operational efficiency and minimize its environmental impact.

Additional DLL offices around the world follow sustainable measures as much as possible—using green electricity, energy efficient lighting, waste sorting/recycling and more.

Casper Havers

Sustainability consultant

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