Social Impact

Enabling a Greener, more Social and Healthier future for ALL.

Making a meaningful impact on society

At DLL, we support both local and global communities by leveraging our business expertise, channeling the passion & knowledge of our member base via purposeful volunteering and providing financial support to Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)

We have a vision to enable a greener, more social and healthier future for ALL via our

  • People: We have a strong commitment to member volunteering, offering members’ expertise and time to Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) to strengthen their performance and increase their impact by offering, for example, strategic, operational and financial advice or more hands-on assistance through volunteering activities. Each DLL member gets 2 days / 16 hours per year of Volunteering Time Off (VTO) to support their local communities
  • Assets: As an asset-based financing company, we also support communities by making assets available for local projects. We offer in-kind contributions, by making some of our default, recovered, returned end-of-lease assets or our own depreciated assets available for local NPOs. Additionally, we aim to develop innovative asset- based initiatives, such as the introduction of micro-leasing options, making our expertise and/or our members available for the development of small and medium enterprises.
  • Finance: We also have possibilities to complement our asset-based strategy and volunteering program, with financial resources to help some people and communities reach their full potential. We aspire to contribute 1% of DLL’s non-interest income towards local and global community development projects and volunteering initiatives creating social impact


Charitable donations and volunteering

We encourage our members to invest their time and expertise to support causes and non-profit organizations working in the areas of

Environmental Stewardship: We like to partner with NPOs which are enabling a greener future, cleaner air & water, healthy soil and contributing towards enrichment of biodiversity.

Opportunity for ALL: We like to partner with NPOs which are working in the space of social inclusion to enable opportunities for ALL to prosper and progress, especially removing barriers for those who have historically been denied access, including but not limited to LGBTQ+, Persons with Disabilities, Indigenous tribes, immigrants, refugees & economically disadvantaged communities.

Health and Wellbeing: We like to partner with NPOs which are working to enable better health and well-being of the community (mental, physical, emotional and financial well-being).


Partner in Micro Leasing

In emerging economies, such as Rwanda and Kenya, DLL helps to develop and improve access to local financial infrastructures for low-income entrepreneurs. We do it through our Micro Leasing Advisory Services.

Our goal is to support these Micro Finance Institutions in developing an alternative micro finance product that increases the financial inclusion of low-income entrepreneurs to support their business success. Here’s a snapshot of our work:

  • Partnering with the Rabo Foundation to provide expertise and training on asset-based financing and leasing at local Micro Finance Institutions
  • Advising Micro Finance Institutions in the efficiency and quality of their credit assessments
  • Swapping of assets during the lease life
  • Raising funds for Micro Leasing through our DLL Micro Leasing Fund, supported by our employees (in cooperation with Rabobank Client Fund, part of the Rabo Foundation).

The Rwanda Project Recipe for success with Micro Leasing

Volunteering by the numbers

2 dedicated volunteering days per year

+9,000 hour given (2022)

+1,400 employee participation (2022)

Nidhi Navadia

Social Impact Consultant

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