Sustainable Business Solutions

Financing solutions that protect the world’s resources and support the circular economy.

Embracing a circular economy

DLL encourages and supports our partners in transitioning to a more sustainable and responsible business model that embraces the circular economy. That means moving away from the old linear “take, make and waste” model toward a more regenerative and sustainable one.

By designing products that can be recycled, reused or remanufactured at the end of their first life cycle, manufacturers can help reduce pressure on the planet’s resources. The concept of a circular economy prefers usage over ownership. We believe in the value of usage over ownership, as such we are leading the development of
Pay-per-use Solutions.

Through DLL’s usage-based financing models our vendor partners can maintain control of their assets throughout the entire technical life cycle. This ensures that equipment and materials are reused rather than sitting idle or relegated to a landfill to increase overall utilization.

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Providing full Life Cycle Asset Management

Through our Life Cycle Asset Management program, we provide end-to-end financial solutions for the complete asset life cycle. New service-based financial solutions, such as pay-per-use programs, can help unlock circular and usage-based models. This ensures sustainable equipment reuse and the ability to create second - and third - life revenue streams. All helping to drive the transition to a circular economy .

The program offers tailored financial services, such as:

  • Operational leases
  • Equipment redeployment
  • Swapping of assets during the lease life
  • Extended-usage financing
  • Second-life finance

Life Cycle Asset Management proactively uses the repair and maintenance, refurbishment and remanufacturing skills of our manufacturing partners.

Managing the impact of compliance on life cycle management

Sharing insights on the impact of compliance while taking the transition to a circular business model.

Enabling clean technology and green assets usage

Economies are growing, and societies need to urgently reduce the current level of carbon emissions to reverse the threats of climate change and the challenges it brings to everyone. DLL supports energy efficiency and renewable energy usage by:

  • Driving the transition to renewable energy and carbon-neutral, or even energy-generating asset types and technologies.
  • Financing green assets; including a range of products and services that improve efficiency and operational performance while minimizing energy consumption, waste and environmental pollution.
  • Diversifying our clean technology scope with energy efficiency, renewable energy products and other asset areas; such as combined heat and power, lighting and energy storage.

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