DLL’s Intralogistics Team Expands!

Dec 22, 2021


DLL is expanding its dedicated team of Intralogistics specialists to offer an even greater level of support globally to those businesses looking to automate operations.

From January 1st 2022, Guido Guiking will step into the role of Senior Intralogistics Sales Manager Benelux, offering expertise to those in the region that are keen to invest in warehouse automation projects.

As e-commerce grows, and many traditional warehouse and manufacturing processes move towards robotization and automation, DLL provides tailored investment solutions to finance AGVs, robots, picking stations, software, racking systems, sorting systems, and much more. In his newly created role, Guido will work with customers to invest in innovation, ready for the future.

“My focus will be on helping companies to realize their investment plans while ensuring a suitable financing solution, including large businesses that invest a great deal in warehouse innovation,” says Guido, who was previously Account Manager for DLL.

“I am really passionate about the innovative developments in this sector and am also looking forward to collaborating with suppliers and integrators to offer tailored finance solutions,” he continues.

Globally, there is a great need for increased efficiency, cost reduction and flexibility, which is accelerating the need for more automation in warehouse and supply chain operations. Therefore, an additional member of the global intralogistics team will be announced soon, dedicated to providing support for customers located in the South-East of Europe.

The expansion of the team follows the appointment of Marco Wagner as Global Head of Intralogistics earlier in 2021.

Marco says: “In 2021, we have significantly intensified our activities in the Intralogistics sector to meet the growing demand for automation globally. These latest developments within our team show our strong commitment to this sector, with the eventual goal to have dedicated resources to support our customers globally.”

Financing automation with DLL

DLL meets the changing global needs of businesses with smart, customized, and flexible financial solutions that enable equipment users to more easily adopt advanced technologies, such as automated systems.

Find out more about why leasing is the smart way to invest in supply chain automation here.

Or reach out to Marco Wagner or Guido Guiking now to learn more.

Guido Guiking

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