DLL at the Logistics Summit 2021- Smart Financing in a Data Driven World

Oct 4, 2021


With a global reach, DLL is one of the world’s leading intralogistics finance partners. That’s why Marco Wagner, Global Head of Intralogistics, from DLL will be speaking at the upcoming Logistics Summit, taking place October 13-14 in Berlin, Germany.

During the masterclass “Smart Financing in a Data Driven World” on 14 October at 11.00am CET, attendees can learn more about how smart financing powered by DLL supports customers to realize their intralogistics projects and delivers significant benefits.

Join us at the Masterclass on 14th October, 11.00 CET, Masterclasses 1.

What is driving automation investment in the logistics sector?

DLL was founded in 1969 and has many years of experience working to understand the challenges of businesses in the logistics industry. As the landscape changes, DLL continues to innovate providing exceptional solutions to emerging requirements.

For example, many businesses are having to adapt to change due to evolving customer and market requirements. Now, many logistics companies are facing workforce shortages and increasing labor costs. Working conditions must adapt to cater to social distancing, while supply chain operations need to be increasingly flexible and reliable. At the same time, customers have ever higher expectations around delivery speed and accuracy.

For many, digital innovation is an effective solution to these challenges. But it is only possible to make the shift with investment in automated equipment, software, and training.

A smart financing solution

With a consultative approach right from the start of the project and the ability to finance every element of the investment, DLL can provide smart financing solutions for automation. A deep understanding of the assets, related costs, and the customers’ business mean that tailored repayment schemes can be created. The benefit? Reduced TCO, flexible repayments, no cash out and global support, to name just a few.

However, to be truly successful, the financing strategy must be part of the automation project at a very early stage, or better still, from the start. This is uniquely where DLL can help. To learn more about how, attend the masterclass at the Logistics Summit on 14 October.

Join us at the Masterclass on 14th October, 11.00 CET, Masterclasses 1.

Can’t make it?

Reach out to Marco Wagner now to learn more or connect with Marco on LinkedIn.

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