Helping You Break Down Barriers to Success in Intralogistics

Jul 7, 2022


From electrification to automation, how can you harness the very latest changes and developments in the intralogistics industry? And how can DLL help you? To find out, those looking to invest in the future of their logistics operations should read our latest report: Five Intralogistics Developments that Matter in 2022.

Understanding the emerging trends and pivotal changes in the logistics industry is key in order for businesses to grow and succeed. So, in the new report, we explore these key developments, discuss the challenges and opportunities they may present, and propose considerations and solutions, including how DLL can provide support as an intralogistics finance partner. Read on for a brief overview of what you will find in the report.

The rise of automated micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs)
As customers increasingly expect faster deliveries, and volumes of e-commerce purchases grow, more micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) are appearing. These smaller warehouses are often highly automated, in turn reducing costs. This is driving a need to finance automation technologies, such as order picking solutions and robots. DLL is a perfectly positioned partner for these businesses, with the ability to provide tailored finance options for a wide range of different automation and robotic solutions needed across the warehouse.

Trucks go electric – on the roads and in the warehouse
Urban areas provide challenges for the large trucks traditionally used for fulfillment. At the same time, urban areas are increasingly legislated when it comes to emissions. As a result, many logistics businesses, especially those handling last-mile deliveries, are considering the transition to electric transportation fleets. In the warehouse, interest in battery-powered electric forklifts also continues to grow, with the benefits of zero emissions and comparable performance to an internal combustion truck.

Transitioning to an electric transport or materials handling equipment fleet can also be affordable through tailored financing solutions.

Labor shortages continue
Supply chain operations have been facing a shortage of labor for some time. As a result, many logistics businesses are looking to optimize their warehouse operations in other ways. Plans for warehouse automation are accelerating to help fill the gaps where labor is scarce to support productivity gains. The right guidance on new warehouse technologies and reports, as well as the flexible solutions to finance them, may be key to supporting these businesses.

Digital investments grow
More businesses are seeing that ‘going digital’ and moving to the cloud has the potential to cut down manual work, help reduce errors, deliver time savings, improve inventory management and accuracy, improve access to valuable data, and enable this data to be analyzed more quickly. However, many businesses will need support to transition digitally. DLL is already working with businesses globally to support investments in new digital systems, as well as other technologies, such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and automation equipment. The result? Businesses have a better system that caters to their customers’ needs more effectively, often with an affordable upfront cost and shorter implementation time.

More ways to automate
There are many potential applications for automation in logistics, such as transporting pallets, delivering goods within the warehouse, sorting and picking items, labelling, packaging, and reporting. Some organizations are undertaking large-scale automated warehouse transformation projects, while others are looking to automate just parts of their operation.

Learn more about automating your intralogistics operations
DLL provides finance solutions globally, on a vast range of automation technologies, helping logistics businesses to overcome evolving challenges and achieve growth.

Download our new report now to find out more or visit our intralogistics webpage to see why now is the ideal time to take advantage of flexible financing options by partnering with DLL.