How can trailer manufacturers keep up with technological developments and remain competitive?

Sep 21, 2021


The trailer market is quickly evolving, and manufacturers face various challenges to meet demand. Meanwhile, new technologies are progressing, and presenting exciting new development opportunities; So, how can trailer manufacturers remain competitive as the industry changes? And what part can asset finance play?

Here we focus on how keeping up with technological developments can help manufacturers to maintain a competitive advantage. To learn more about this topic, and other ways to stay competitive in the future, download our report: How to keep competitive in an evolving trailer market.

Consider leasing as new technologies drive up costs
Nobody knows quite how trailers will need to evolve to keep up with the developing technology of the trucks themselves. For instance, how will trailers need to change when vehicles switch to electric power?

Regardless, implementation of new technology is likely to increase costs for manufacturers, dealers, and buyers, and in some cases, there will be no option when it comes to adopting new technology.

Emissions restrictions, for example, will drive certain regions to make electrical vehicles compulsory, forcing fast widespread adoption.  Manufacturers and dealers will need to keep up, as grants and incentives support businesses to adapt their fleets. A key challenge for the semi-trailer market will be to achieve a low total cost of ownership (TCO) on expensive new technologies.

Leasing trailers helps businesses to avoid upfront costs that negatively impact cashflow, and to keep up with fast-changing vehicles in a fast-changing market. Investment in new technologies will be more achievable for many businesses through monthly payments.

Go digital
Digital logistics will become vital in the commercial vehicle industry in the near future, with approximately 63.5 million trucks expected to be connected by 2025. Telematics, tracking, and diagnostic solutions are becoming the norm, and as fleets become increasingly connected, there is greater demand to go digital in every part of a transportation business, including asset finance.

DLL has strong digital capabilities to support trailer manufacturers and is exploring opportunities for online quotes and orders to increase convenience and speed.  DLL continues to create finance products to meet evolving market and customer needs, such as pay-per-use options.

Adopt technology to overcome the driver shortage
Due to the costs involved, the major players with large fleets will be the first to buy in to these new technologies, but necessity is sure to force others to follow.

Many countries around the world are experiencing a driver shortage due to an ageing workforce. As fleet operators compete for employees, they are keen to offer drivers the latest trucks with the newest technologies.

For some operations, an alternative to investing in people, might be to look to autonomous vehicles, reducing human labor requirements and costs for the future.  DLL is at the forefront of emerging trends, ready to provide asset finance solutions that support manufacturers as their customers demand new technologies.

DLL finances trailers with big benefits
Now is the ideal time to take advantage of flexible financing options by partnering with DLL. DLL provides finance solutions globally, on a vast range of trailer types, including: Box trailers, Refrigerated trailers, Dump trailers, Flatbed trailers, Tank trailers, and more.

As well as helping to keep trailers in production, and being sold, even during challenging times, having a proven finance partner such as DLL can also help trailer manufacturers to improve reputation and customer experience.

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