Proving that DLL really is ‘With you all the way’

Dec 16, 2021


You may have heard our Fleet Solutions team at DLL say: “We’re with you all the way”. But what does this really mean when it comes to how we help your business to finance the equipment and solutions you need? Martin Joli, Global Head of Fleet Solutions, and Tom Griffith, Fleet Solutions Account Manager, provide some insight.

DLL is with you all the way, with a global presence in more than 30 countries

MARTIN: We find that our geographical advantage is important for many of our customers, and it’s one way that we are different. Any local bank can provide a leasing solution, and often offer great rates, but when multinational businesses need an asset finance solution covering multiple countries, leasing gets more difficult. This is where DLL comes in.

For example, one customer recently told me that even if the cost was higher, they would continue working with us because they value how DLL can extend solutions internationally, with the benefits of a single expert point of contact. We recently supported another company headquartered in Spain to close a deal in Ireland, and a US company with a footprint in Europe is looking at beginning master lease activities across more countries with us. There are many similar examples. We build a relationship in one country and then extend our offering wherever it is needed.

TOM: DLL’s global knowledge and strength is another advantage. We can reach across country lines and bring people together with Fleet Solutions. We create partnerships and build customer confidence, providing in-country support, in the local language, and we ensure each customer is taken care of with their own tailored solution. You can’t put a price on the comfort level of the customer.

DLL is with you all the way, smoothly facilitating cross-country deals

Martin Joli

TOM: We have found that even different business units in the same companies can have very different processes. We become their bridge, and an advocate, bringing in people that can make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, and make it unique to the customer.

MARTIN: When a satisfied customer wants to copy and paste their current lease model across multiple countries, they quickly realize it’s not that simple! In fact, the process is very complex, and it can take a lot of communication with the legal department. Though businesses want as much consistency as possible, regulations and needs change from country to country. So, we first get to know how the company works, and then understand the cross-country differences. This is where our global expertise really benefits customers.

For instance, a multinational company supported by DLL colleagues in Canada recently approached us to work with them in the US and Mexico. An existing provider was unable to do business in Mexico at the time, but DLL had the capability to put contracts in place in both countries and finance their funding needs to help them grow and build, even though it was not the exact same solution as in Canada.

DLL is with you all the way, even during the most challenging times

MARTIN: Businesses need reliable partners to support them through the bad times. When the Covid pandemic hit, DLL reacted very quickly to continue to support our customers. We were ready to connect with them digitally, maintaining the same processes globally, while adapting to a new reality.

TOM: Our technology has enabled us to pull people together in different countries or regions. We even found we could easily carry out business reviews we would have struggled to coordinate in the past – now we can get everyone together digitally.

We took the opportunity of working remotely early during the pandemic. We quickly became used to addressing and actioning things in a new way that brought us closer to many of our customers.

MARTIN: We also understood how Covid-19 was affecting everyone differently around the world and maintained open communications with customers to discuss individual payment struggles.

At DLL, we strongly believe in long-term relationships, and this is only made possible by maintaining constant communication throughout the lifetime of an asset or agreement, and beyond to support with extensions and renewals, for example.

From December 2019 to December 2020, our new Fleet Solutions business volume rose by 18%, with positive growth in all regions, showing how we have helped many customers through difficult times.

DLL is with you all the way into the future

MARTIN: The hard times of the pandemic made everyone think about the future. Our expansion plans include adding more resources and personnel in different countries including the UK, the US, the Nordics, and Australia.

To measure activity during the lifetime of an asset agreement we have also been working with fleet management tools and telematics solutions covering multi-brand, multi-assets to complement our global offer.

In future, intralogistics will become a bigger focus as businesses bring robotics and automation into operations more and more. We are also financing ever more forward-looking assets such as machine tools, 3D printing equipment, electric batteries, and battery chargers. The world is changing rapidly, and there is an energy in DLL Fleet Solutions leading to growth, and better solutions for customers.

TOM: As Martin says, DLL is at the forefront of the Intralogistics industry developments, and we are building a great culture with a shared vision, to make DLL an industry-leader. We are excited and passionate about doing everything possible to support our customers, including expanding our global expertise. We are with you all the way – now and in the future.

Ready to learn more?

For more information about Fleet Solutions from DLL and how ‘We’re with you all the way’ here or contact Martin or Tom directly.

Tom Griffith