Building the Future of Construction Financing Together

Jul 17, 2019


The world’s leading construction trade fair, bauma, occurred only a few months ago and was a good time to both reflect and look ahead. It was the perfect opportunity to look at the state of the industry and to plan for the future to safeguard long-term success. 

For DLL, large industry tradeshows like bauma are great platforms to demonstrate the relationships we have with our partners. During the fair we form an integrated part of their presence on-site. We act as one company. Hear from our attending DLL International Program Managers in this 3-minute video:

At DLL, we believe in true partnerships and seek to become an integral part of our partner’s business strategy and financial plans. By helping to grow their market share and profitability in an efficient and sustainable way, we aim for long-term success. We explore, anticipate, and prepare for the future together. DLL sees this as the key to success in an environment that is quickly changing.

The construction industry is transforming rapidly, which was once again reaffirmed during bauma. Digitization, sustainability and efficiency are the three key trends that were stipulated during the event and will be dominating the industry going forward. 

Digital technology and the Internet of Things is set to revolutionize the way businesses serve their customers. There are great commercial opportunities for the construction industry once they utilize this new technology effectively. According to McKinsey , the new industrial wave could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025 if businesses draw on it effectively.

Data can generate valuable insights in the usage of assets and maintenance requirements throughout the full lifecycle, leading to decreasing costs of operation and a more responsible use of assets. This high-quality data can help DLL structure its financing solutions in a usage-based model. 

In addition to its effects on data generation and interconnectivity, digitization also has a massive effect on today’s sales processes. To follow this pace, DLL is developing mobile solutions to integrate finance at the point of sale. Customers can benefit from an on-the-spot, transparent financing solution with the ability to work through calculations and contract options and create the right total solution (combining equipment and financing) before real-time submission. 


While technology might unleash a new industrial revolution, we are also living in an age where our economic activities are threatening the planet on which we all depend on. With a growing world population, resource scarcity and global warming are the biggest challenges we’re facing today. There is an urgent need to move to more sustainable business models that respect our natural resources and simultaneously answer the market needs.

Producing cleaner, quieter and more efficient machinery is required in a more responsible business. No surprise, the construction machinery industry is increasingly looking for alternatives to be implemented in their business. More and more companies are already upgrading smaller machines in the lower power range with electric drives. Lithium batteries support this transition, but availability is challenging due to high costs. 

With the higher price of lithium-ion, financing options are an ideal way to enable usage of lithium-ion technology and to reduce the total cost of operation without a higher initial outlay. DLL is currently working together with key manufacturers in the construction industry to adapt to better suit the needs of our customers. It is important that asset management capabilities are developed and enhanced to set competitive residual values for this new technology.

We collaborate closely with our partners to develop new ideas and innovative products and services, shaping the future of financing together."

The future of construction financing
This year, DLL celebrates its 50th anniversary as a global financial solutions partner. We have a long-lasting presence in the construction industry and are always committed to understanding the changing needs and preferences of our customers. We collaborate closely with our partners to develop new ideas and innovative products and services, shaping the future of financing together. DLL wants to embrace and experiment with technology. We realize that, to face certain future challenges, you will need to step outside of what worked in the past and seek new approaches. Our focus on innovation and customer experience, combined with our people and products, will continue to differentiate us and contribute to our success for the next 50 years and beyond. 

Learn how tailored financing solutions for construction equipment can grow your business. 

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