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Financing a better future

Financial solutions to grow life sciences

From food testing and blood analysis to DNA sequencing and testing fetal irregularities, life sciences are everywhere in our daily lives. Laboratories, universities, research centers, growth-stage companies and healthcare providers are among those engaged in the development and adoption of life sciences to enable a better future.

Advancing diagnosis and discovery is made easier with the world’s latest technologies. However, these technologies and equipment must be made accessible to drive adoption—and that is where an experienced financial solutions partner can enable the path forward.

Many of the world's leading life sciences companies trust DLL's experienced and knowledgeable team to provide the right financial solutions for their customers.

Benefits of financing life sciences technology

Technology refresh

Provide an upgrade path to future technology, making migration to the latest platform easy and more affordable in the future.

Bundled solutions

Combine technology with consumables, software, services and insurance in one monthly payment to preserve capital and reduce upfront expenses.

Customize financing options

Tailor financial solutions by project and customer objective, including budget cycle, financial priorities, and tax or accounting considerations.*

Disclaimer: The above does not constitute a financing offer.

*Always consult your tax advisor. DLL does not provide tax or accounting advice.

Advancing life sciences with financial solutions

DLL supports research, development and diagnosis with comprehensive finance offerings and industry expertise.