DLL reports strong profits for 2014

Mar 26, 2015


Eindhoven - DLL, a global provider of asset based financial solutions, today announced its 2014 annual results, reporting an annual net profit of €454 million (USD 602 million) for FY2014. This represents an increase of 13% in net profit performance compared to FY2013.

"Our commitment to our customers and the economies they serve, helped propel our unprecedented result for 2014. Our strategy to maintain our industry specialization, focus on operational excellence and our continued investment in our members is paying off. I am proud to see that the synergy of our actions strongly contributed to sustainable commercial success”, says Bill Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board.

Through DLL’s focus on strong partnerships, product diversification and strong risk management its managed portfolio increased by 10% from € 31.5 billion (USD 38.3 billion) in FY2013 to € 34.5 billion (USD 42 billion) in FY2014. “In spite of a slower than expected economic recovery in many of our core markets, this strategy has enabled the company to grow its portfolio in a balanced way across all industry segments and the 36 countries in which we operate,” says Frans Overdijk, Chief Financial & Risk Officer and member of the Executive Board.

In the fast-changing world, DLL is also focusing on developing innovative and profitable solutions for its partners, including circular economy concepts in which products are reused, recycled or refurbished, also known as Lifecycle Asset Management (LCAM). For this pioneering approach DLL received for the 3rd consecutive year in a row, the Leasing Life Award for ‘Product and Service Innovation of the Year’. This award recognizes the company’s pioneering LCAM program and other proactive efforts to support a ‘usage-based’ future. It is a direct result of the company’s ongoing drive to understand the heart and soul of their partners’ businesses and find original solutions that will sustain success for all stakeholders for generations.

“We are keen to encourage new, sustainable models that marry profitability with environmental and social benefits,” says Bill Stephenson. “And, as we bring together our partners and others to innovate in this area we are seeing exciting new business models developing.”

We are keen to encourage new, sustainable models that marry profitability with environmental and social benefit."
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