Reduce, generate, store:New whitepaper looks at energy future for UK businesses

Dec 20, 2016


As renewables continue to gain ground and battery storage matures, there’s never been a better time for UK business to take control of its energy.

Our new whitepaper, The Cost of Energy, looks at how medium-sized UK businesses can adapt to the changing energy landscape to survive and thrive based on a mantra of ‘reduce, generate, store’. The whitepaper includes advice on financing options and a forward-looking foreword from futurologist, Dr. James Bellini.

Focusing on a representative UK business, the whitepaper walks through the potential energy and cost savings for companies if they take a smart approach to their energy future. ‘Reduce’ asks enterprises to look at the huge and often ignored savings to be made through energy efficiency investments and ‘Generate’ then looks at the potential of on-site renewable generation for businesses. Finally, ‘Store’ looks at the emerging trend of battery technology and how companies may soon be able to benefit. DLL argues that the three together represent the ideal future scenario for UK business.

Jonathan Evans, Country Sales Manager, Healthcare & Clean Technology at DLL comments: “We exist to help companies make strategic investments to grow their enterprise using an intelligent approach to finance. However, when it comes to energy, too often we see misperceptions around affordability and a lack of big-picture planning stopping businesses making hugely beneficial investments. We always advocate starting by looking at energy efficiency, but this paper is about helping CEOs to think strategically about their broader energy future to inform investment decisions now.”

Click here to download the whitepaper: