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Inventory Finance

Offer your partners a variety of tailored financing options to optimize their inventory and cash flow.

Scheduled Payment Programs (SPP)

Align and schedule payments with cash flow forecasts, based upon seasonality, market demand or your business needs. Financial products include:

Input finance

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The assets are of a consumable nature and often seasonal, with financing timed to meet demand. Enabling repayment terms to be consistent with channel income streams.
Examples: seeds, copier toner, or hospital supplies

Export finance

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DLL will sign an export financing agreement with the Vendor, providing flexibility to extend terms to their partners. This financing can take place in countries where DLL may not be represented.

Rent to buy

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Allows a customer to rent the solution for a certain period before they pay the amount due.

Parts finance

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Varying credit periods are designed to ensure that both fast moving and slow-moving parts can be in inventory to meet end user demand

Loan to Lease

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Ability to finance the supply chain, from the sale to delivery period, enabling the dealer to maintain cash flows while completing installation actions.

“Everything just works – working with DLL is essentially stress less, and the service that we have received on the rare occasions that we have needed special attention is extraordinary.” Digital I/O, LLC

Pay as Sold (PAS)

New equipment finance

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Allows partners the ability to have inventory on hand and ready for sale when a user is ready to buy. This is asset specific and identified by a serial number or unique identifier.

Used equipment finance

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Offers partners the ability to finance used equipment sourced generally as a trade in against new products and can include used products that have been purchased.

Rental fleet finance

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Ability to finance equipment for a short-term rental to the end user

Demo finance

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Provide flexibility to demonstrate equipment to partners while accessing extended credit terms

Import finance

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Provides the importing dealer with a period of subsidized credit to allow for ordering of products. Financing commences upon delivery of the products and can cover the delivery period

“Quality of Service is why I would recommend DLL.” Jamco Industrial INC.

Asset-Based Lending (ABL)

Increase cash flow with a comprehensive working capital line of credit.

Accounts Receivable Finance (A|R)

Leverage a self-liquidating line of credit as a value-add service to channel partners. Existing DLL partners can borrow up to 85% on eligible Accounts Receivables (A/R), 100% on Floor Planned Inventory or 50% against Used Equipment.

Purchase Order Program (POP)

Enable small or medium size partners to secure above average and large transactions with a line of credit.

Fee for Service

Leverage state-of-the art infrastructure, systems and resources including invoicing, EDI interfaces and billing/collecting services.

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