Pay-per-use solutions

Match payments with usage through flexible financing.

Pay-per-use financing: Transforming the way assets are acquired and managed

Today’s marketplace is shifting away from traditional ownership models toward Pay-per-use concepts. Whether you’re a supplier looking to offer flexible payment solutions, or a customer seeking to match your payments with usage, DLL can customize an innovative Pay-per-use financing solution that meets the needs of your business.

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Partnering with DLL on Pay-per-use financing


  • Monthly costs directly driven by usage
  • No fixed monthly minimum payment - only pay for equipment when you use it
  • Customized modeling per asset category given variations in economics & utilization 
  • Opportunity to tailors components of overall offering  (i.e., extended warranty, service, maintenance)


  • Provides a risk sharing arrangement where payment is due when assets are used
  • Leverages a customers' historical asset utilization data
  • Offers flexibility through active fleet management 
  • Enables asset optimization and billing transparency through analytics

Customer Success story

A business was seeking a financing model that could deploy their machines rapidly and grow fast without too much pressure on their balance sheet.

Benefits of Pay-per-use financing solutions

Supplier benefits

  • Meet changing customer and marketplace demands & create new customer opportunities 
  • Create a competitive advantage by differentiating yourself in the market through a unique asset acquisition and management experience
  • Drive incremental services revenue through delivering a product that meets your customers' changing needs
  • Increase customer retention opportunities to maintain and grow wallet share 
  • Drive data insights through telemetry to better understand how customers use assets

Customer benefits

  • Alignment of cost moment with revenue moment
  • Eliminates the burden of ownership
  • Allocate assets more efficiently with usage data and analytics - allowing you to get closer to your assets
  • Preserve capital for other corporate uses (i.e., acquisitions, headcount)  
  • Obtain ability to use equipment based, with regular review of need for existing or additional equipment, driven by actual demand
  • Offers potential for off-balance sheet treatment*

*Contact your auditors to determine the specific benefits you may receive under this program

Optimize usage with analytics

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of how assets are being used with data and analytics from DLL’s Pay-per-use solutions. Leverage usage insights to identify opportunities for more efficient asset applications, incremental asset needs or asset upgrade suggestions.

Pay-per-use trends in the marketplace

Each industry, business and asset have unique financing and payment needs. Pay-per-use models can be structured in a variety of ways, leveraging the below technological trends:

Internet of Things or IoT

Today, physical assets not only have the ability to perform at high capacity, but also to share live data while doing it. These real-time communication capabilities allow for high-level usage reporting and analysis, making usage-based solutions easier than ever before. DLL’s IoT-based analysis provides all the data needed to discover that usage-based solutions may fit your needs better than ownership ever did.

Variable Billing

Variable billing charges for the unique usage of each asset. Whether a truck drives across the country or stays in the parking lot, the bill will reflect exactly how it was used. Usage-reporting ensures that billing directly correlates with asset utilization, helping you link cost to value.

Active Asset Management

Data analysis and reporting throughout each Pay-per-use structure allows you to actively assess and manage the productivity of your assets. By connecting costs with usage, you can easily evaluate what monthly value each asset yields, and whether or not it continues to make sense for you.

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