5 Tips for Sales People Working Virtually from DLL’s Commercial Academy

By Rhonda Miele |Aug 20, 2020

In 2013, DLL formalized our commitment to invest in our sales teams with the inception of the Commercial Academy. Since then, our offerings have grown, improved and extended to providing our partners with commercial expertise and training.

Our latest offering, an Interactive Webinar Series, has enabled our members to come together from more than 30 countries across the globe to share their successes, challenges, and best practices while working virtually – and staying connected – in a socially distanced world.

We’ve compiled the top five tips that have helped our sales teams adjust and succeed in a remote environment.

Check Out 5 Tips for Sales People Working Virtually:

  • Stay ahead of the curve
    Get comfortable using a variety of virtual platforms and communication tools. Being savvy with multiple virtual tools allows you to be prepared no matter what platform your prospect or customer prefers.
  • Don’t lose sight of your skills
    Recreate the rapport-building moments that we miss – like the handshake greeting, riding the elevator to the meeting room, or offering your customer a coffee. Think about the hallmarks created with each customer visit, and how that can be reimagined in a virtual environment. Use video to help build and maintain trust and a sense of connection. We accelerate relationships when we combine our senses (which is partly what we miss in the virtual world through handshakes and a sense of touch).
  • Be prepared
    Provide an objective, agenda, and any materials for review in advance of the meeting. With everyone prepared, meetings can be used for discussion and decision instead of review, which is critical since we are (even) less tolerant of long meetings in a virtual environment.
  • Balance the personal and professional
    We are people first, working from our personal spaces, with life all around us. It’s difficult to dive into the details of the next deal, when virtually everyone around the globe has faced major personal and professional shifts due to the pandemic. It is now common to hear kids talking or dogs barking – use those moments to create a personal connection and set the tone that we are all creating ‘the new normal.’
  • Create rituals
    In a world where there is less certainty and less visibility, your steadfast support, communication, follow-up initiative and unique value can make the difference in the deal – and create a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

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Rhonda Miele, certified international coach and Global Leader within DLL’s Commercial Academy has designed and facilitated a variety of skill development and learning programs across DLL’s global footprint for nearly 20 years. Schedule a call with her today to discuss how she can assist you in accelerating the curve when training new sales professionals.