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The industrial sector is characterized by high levels of innovation, increasing demands for more sustainable practices, and high levels of capital investment. We deliver the right tools into the right hands, with financial solutions that meet the unique needs of manufacturers, distributors, dealers and users of industrial equipment. 

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Industrial manufacturers

Meet your business needs with our industrial finance solutions. Let's partner to develop new ideas and innovate your services and products to shape the future of industrial financing together.

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Industrial dealers and resellers

Keep your supply chain of equipment running with our industrial finance products. Keep your product flow running to meet your customer's needs. Leverage our flexible payment structures to enable your customers to manage their cash flow in an optimal way.

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Industrial equipment users

Explore innovative and sustainable financial solutions to manage your industrial equipment. We provide our customers and partners with financial and leasing solutions that best suits their business needs.

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Industrial equipment finance solutions

Our industrial equipment experts will customize financing solutions that help improve business performance and lower your total cost of operation (TCO). Benefit from our deep expertise in industrial equipment financing, innovative products and management services for a range of sectors.

Trends and new opportunities

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Our experts have compiled the top 5 machine tool trends to watch. DLL explores innovative financing strategies to help machine tool manufacturers and dealers shape these trends into new business opportunities. 

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“It is important that a finance partner keeps fully up to speed with the ever-changing market so we can best support our customers.” 

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New Business Development Manager, Americas

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"Through flexible financing solutions, we can reduce your operating costs, increase your efficiency and maximize your equipment lifecycles. We are with you - all the way."

Greg Stangl

Head of Regional Sales, North America

“Staying current on industry trends and tailoring the best solutions for our partners is how we feel we can make a difference for them.” 

Mike Ludwig

Country Sales Manager

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Let's work together to grow your business. With 50 years of experience DLL understands your needs and offers proven financial solutions to help your business.

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