Pay-per-use solutions

Match payments with usage through flexible financing.

Pay-per-use financing: Transforming the way equipment is acquired and managed

Equipment acquisition preferences are shifting away from traditional ownership models toward Pay-per-use concepts. Pay-per-use is an equipment funding and management solution at the intersection of engineering and finance. It allows users to pay for productivity rather than carry fixed costs and high administrative burdens. Instead of large up-front acquisition investments or recurring fixed costs, Pay-per-use solutions align expenses to activity, allowing businesses to pay for equipment based on the work performed.

Whether you’re a supplier looking to offer flexible payment solutions, or a customer seeking to match your payments with usage, DLL can customize an innovative Pay-per-use financing solution that meets the needs of your business.

Our vision

Partnering with DLL on Pay-per-use financing


  • Monthly costs directly driven by equipment usage
  • No fixed monthly minimum payment - only pay for equipment when you use it
  • Opportunity to uniquely tailor- components of overall offering (e.g. extended warranty, service, maintenance)


  • Provides a flexible risk sharing arrangement where payment is due when equipment is used
  • Leverages a customers' historical asset utilization data
  • Enables equipment optimization and billing transparency through analytics

Customer Success story

A business was seeking a financing model that could deploy their machines rapidly and grow fast without too much pressure on their balance sheet.

Benefits of Pay-per-use financing solutions

Supplier benefits

  • Meet changing customer and marketplace demands, create new customer opportunities & increase long-term customer retention
  • Create a competitive advantage by differentiating yourself in the market through a unique equipment acquisition and management experience
  • Drive data insights through telematics to better understand how customers use equipment

Customer benefits

  • Offers potential for off-balance sheet treatment*
  • Aligns equipment cost with revenue generation
  • Eliminates the burden of ownership
  • Allocate assets more efficiently with usage data and analytics
  • Preserve capital for other uses (e.g. acquisitions, resourcing)  

*Contact your auditors to determine the specific benefits you may receive under this program

Optimize usage with analytics

Gain a more comprehensive understanding equipment productivity with data and analytics from DLL’s Pay-per-use solutions. Leverage usage insights to identify opportunities for more efficient asset applications, incremental asset needs, or asset upgrade suggestions.

Pay-per-use transforms business models 

Every industry, business, and piece of equipment has unique financing and payment needs. Pay-per-use models can be structured in a variety of ways, leveraging the latest technological trends and sustainable business models.

Gain an innovative partner for your business

With 50 years of experience, DLL understands the unique needs of our partners around the world—and offers proven and pioneering solutions to help businesses thrive in the new economy. Connect with DLL’s Pay-per-use experts today.