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Business leaders are being forced to evolve and adapt their business models and sales strategies to the marketplace changes around the world. The way in which we show up, engage, and make decisions is changing, and so too are our customers’ expectations and priorities.

DLL Commercial Academy helps partners adapt and thrive today with sales, management and leadership programs, tools and resources that increase sales effectiveness and grow profitable relationships.

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Selling in a Virtual World
How do you engage others when communicating via a screen, rather than over a cup of coffee? How do you create personal connection through a “window”? What skills do you need to lead meetings in a virtual setting? The world continues to change rapidly and as we interact more through technology, we too, must adapt in how we communicate…and sell. Join us to discuss your experiences and hear the science of what you can do to connect, engage, and sell, virtually.

image of a partialy visible screen showing a webpage

Learning objectives:

  • Explore techniques to build trust and credibility
  • Increase engagement and personal connection
  • Share best practices to deliver virtual meetings

Leading Versus Managing through Crisis
What do leaders need during a crisis? A courageous mindset and behaviors that enable them to look beyond yesterday’s news and forge a new path. Today’s pandemic is forcing us to adapt, rather than react, to rapidly changing conditions at a moment’s notice. Agility, emotional awareness, and the ability to connect with others – who may have a wide and diverse array of needs – will be keys to success. Join us to connect with others and share ideas and experiences.

image of a person having a conference call on his laptop

Learning objectives:

  • Distinguish your roles as manager and leader
  • Assess and support team members appropriately
  • Explore opportunities to invest in team members

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