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    Adding value

    We provide various automotive services in Europe for businesses, employees, and automotive industry – from local dealer groups to international manufacturers. With partnerships in 10 countries, we can offer both national and cross-border solutions and our goal is to be the leading provider of mobility solutions. In addition to B2B, where the organization is our customer, we are moving to B2Employee where we directly link with the employee. The latter you find for example in the field of private car leasing and sharing. This combination of mobility solutions and vendor finance enables us to deliver greater value to you.

    Automotive facts

    • 5,200 green vehicles
      We currently finance over 5,200 ‘green’ vehicles, such as electric cars and hybrids.
    • 145 Tesla vehicles
      145 Tesla Model S electric vehicles were leased through Leaseloket in 2013.
    • 244,000 vehicle fleet
      Athlon’s fleet comprised 244,000 vehicles operating in European countries.

    Understanding the heart and soul of your business

    More green technologies

    Megacities have arisen due to increased urbanization leading to tighter emission regulations, stimulating alternative vehicle technology.

    Shrinking carbon footprints

    Businesses are moving to more fuel efficient cars and alternative fuels.

    Supporting sustainability with SAS

    Flexibility, mobility, sustainability. They’re all vital to doing business in today’s marketplace.

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    Our mobility solutions in Europe and the United States range from car leasing and car rental to fleet management, mobility solutions and mobility consultancy. We take a broader perspective on mobility than just car leasing. Also offering our customers mobility solutions and car leasing directly to their employees.

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