Express Finance Portal

Reimaging the Healthcare Financing Experience

More than a financing platform

DLL’s Express Finance Portal is a new way to put the power of financing into your hands.

Provide financial solutions for your customers from any device with ease! You can access our portal from any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Show your customer payment options for new equipment or upgrades, with flexible options designed to meet their needs.

Whether you're across the table from your customer or across the phone, DLL's Express Finance Portal makes it easy to close at the point of sale.

Strengthen your business value

Seamlessly present multiple payment options in an instant

Gain valuable visibility into your business pipeline

Close deals on any device, anytime, anywhere

Deliver a better customer experience.

The program offers tailored financial services, such as:

  • Freedom from technology constraints.
    Accessible from any device to meet customers where they are
  • Choice and flexibility in financing options and parameters.
    Give multiple options, including various terms, blended rates, and lease options
  • Deliver financing on the spot so they can get back to business.
    Save time and reduce hassles with digital signature and submission

Smart features designed with you in mind.

  • Submit credit apps and track status quickly and easily
  • Access to trade-up/rollover/ buyout information in real time
  • Download and share proposal and lease documents
  • Sign and submit documentation right on your device

A more efficient, streamlined sales process

Feature Old Way Express Finance Portal
Accessibility Refer to rate card or contact account manager for pricing Any device, anytime, from anywhere
Experience Manual, paper-driven Digital and efficient
Customer information Must be entered manually multiple times Entered once, automatically carries through
Multiple payment options Time- and paper-intensive process Yes, including ability to offer fair market value blended rates
Control of sales process May require multiple follow-up touchpoints to close deal Can be completed and closed immediately
Generate lease/contract with prepopulated information No Yes
Sign and submission of paperwork When not signed immediately, documents printed and manually signed separately Get a signature digitally immediately onsite or remotely at any time


Ask about DLL’s Express Finance Portal today! Contact your DLL account manager to learn more.