Offer your customers payment flexibility for software and subscriptions

    Use payment flexibility to capture and retain more customers

    Software licenses and subscriptions represented 40% of all technology financed in the US. Why? Payment flexibility allows customers to manage IT budgets, ROI considerations, and cash flow.*

    Financing is the most prevalent method to acquire software licenses and subscriptions

    Method of Software Financing*

    Method of Software Financing

    Value of software payment solutions

    Payment solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of your customer can help them:

    • Acquire more licenses today without budget creep
    • Take advantage of volume discounts while locking in price
    • Match the payment terms to the utilization and accelerate ROI
    • Empower business line decision-makers
    • Improve forecasting
    • Streamline renewals by removing the traditional expense spikes


    “If the license has a three year term, even fortune 500 companies would prefer to make payments over three years in order to match the payments with the use of the product.”

    William Veatch, Morrison Foerster (Source: The Monitor Nov/Dec 2014)

    Flexible contract options

    Your catalyst for flexibility.

    Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment structures, payment deferrals, seasonal and ramped payments, and non-appropriation of funds for SLED.

    Flexible contract options

    What can be financed?

    • Perpetual license
    • Term license
    • Single and multi-year subscription
    • Single and multi-year maintenance

    Flexible payment structures

    Step payment: Seasonal payment: Deferred payment:
    - Lower payments to start contract
    - Match payments to project cash flow
    - Step up or down and predictable  
    - Payments match seasonal cash flow
    - Flexible and predictable
    - No payment to start
    - Typically deferred 90 days
    - Fixed payment for remainder

    How U.S. companies view payment solutions


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    *Stats referencing 2016 report.

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