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With dynamic market trends and changing economic landscapes, our end users are demanding more and more flexible, customized and usage-based solutions. In this context, DLL recognizes the importance to become more and more a (service) solution provider and to develop products that service the end users in all stages of the equipment life cycle.

Fair Market Value Leasing

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FAQ Fair Market Value Leasing

What is Fair Market Value Leasing?

Fair Market Value Leasing is a flexible financing solution. It enables end users to have access anytime to the latest versions of equipment, without the hassle of ownership. They simply pay a fixed amount per month to use the equipment. The end user gets the flexibility of being free to extend, purchase the equipment for a fair market price, return, or upgrade it, at the end of the lease.

What are the benefits to the end users?

With a usage-based leasing solution, such as Fair Market Value Lease, end users have the opportunity to use the equipment without having to own it. The leasing solution can include service and maintenance of the equipment as well as upgrade opportunities to the latest technology. At the end of the contract, the end user has the flexibility to decide what to do with the equipment.

What are the benefits to manufacturers and dealers when offering Fair Market Value Leasing to their end users?

By offering end users different choices, during and after the lease period, it strengthens the relationship with them, increasing the likelihood of repeating business while shortening sales cycles. It creates new opportunities for service and maintenance agreements and it stimulates refurbishment, re-use and second life financing of end-of-lease equipment.

How does it work?

DLL retains ownership of the equipment while the end user is offered fixed payments during life of lease. At the end of the lease, the end user has the flexibility to:

  • Extend the lease beyond the original term
  • Purchase the equipment at fair market price
  • Return the equipment
  • Trade-in with new technology before the end of the primary term

Conditions might differ per market.

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