Putting the right tools into the right hands

    Who we are

    DLL is a global financial solutions partner working in eight industries. We enable your businesses to use the assets you need to contribute to the world in a meaningful way, both economically and socially. We create success for you as a partner, as a customer, and ourselves by seeing what really counts.

    Why we do it

    DLL delivers original, integrated financial solutions to support the asset life cycle from leasing, vendor and commercial finance to remarketing. Shaping the future by enabling lasting progress - socially and economically.

    How we do it

    At DLL, we believe in genuine partnerships. The kind built on personal trust, not numbers. Partnership to us means seeing what really counts. We see more than a customer and work harder as a partner to help get the tools into the right hands.

    Quick facts

    • 30 countries
      Active in 30 countries with deep industry knowledge in each.
    • Think global, act local
      Bringing global knowledge and applying it to local needs and wishes.
    • 8 industries
      Food, agriculture, healthcare, clean technology, office technology, construction, transportation, and industrial.

    Our history

    • 2019

      DLL celebrates 50th anniversary

    • 2018

      #1 Vendor finance provider in the United States for the tenth consecutive year

    • 2017

      DLL closes inaugural U.S. Securitization Transaction for $501.5M

      DLL opens Regional Processing Center (RPC) in Dallas to bring service closer to its partners

    • 2017

      Transfer of Dutch Financial Solutions business line to Rabobank

    • 2016

      DLL wins Young Global Leaders’ Circular Economy Investor Award at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos

      Sale of mobility entity, Athlon, to Daimler Financial Services - December 1st

    • 2013

      European Lessor of the Year Award

    • 2014

      Launch new brand: DLL

      Logo of DLL

    • 2010

      Mahindra Joint Venture

    • 2010

      Introduce Leaseloket.nl

      Logo of De Lage Landen - LeaseLoket

      Online leasing available in the Netherlands.

    • 2007

      Launch of Freo

      Logo of Freo

      Online consumer finance in the Netherlands.

    • 2006

      DLL acquires Athlon

      Logo of Athlon Care Lease

      Athlon is an international car leasing company.

    • 2006

      Expand into Central and Eastern Europe

      Timeline world map

    • 2004

      Expand into Asia and Nordics

      Timeline world map

    • 2002

      Joint venture Philips Medical Capital

    • 2002

      Expand into South America and Australia

      Timeline world map

    • 2000

      Joint venture Schmitz Cargobull AG

      Man stands in front of opened cargo trailer

    • 1998

      Expand into North America

      Timeline world map

    • 1997

      Launch new logo: De Lage Landen, Partners in Finance

      Logo of De Lage Landen Partners in finance

    • 1990

      Joint venture AGCO Finance

      Two farmers standing behind a tractor

    • 1989

      Launch De Lage Landen blue

      A new corporate identity

    • 1987


      Timeline world map Europe highlighted

      Expand into Europe

    • 1985

      Joint venture Translease

    • 1982

      Introduce car leasing

      Old photo of cars in showroom

      In cooperation with Lease Plan Nederland

    • 1976

      New logo and payoff: De Lage Landen, geld(t) als de beste

      Logo of De Lage Landen Geldt als de beste.

    • 1969

      First hire purchase for Fiat 850S

      First financed car Fiat 500

      Valued 5,730 Dutch guilders.

    • 1969

      De Lage Landen is founded

      Photo of first building of DLL

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    Executive Board

    Bill Stephenson
    Chief Executive Officer

    Bill Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer

    As our brand promise implies, we are more than just a provider of capital. We are a true strategic partner and collaborator.

    Why we are different

    We recognize that business decisions directly impact communities, families and individuals. So we try to ensure not just our partners, but society and the environment also benefit from our financial solutions.

    Company movie

    See what DLL offers its customers


    At DLL, we consider sustainability essential to our and our partners’ long-term success. It creates business and delivers important social and environmental benefits. Read more about the 3 pillars of DLL’s sustainability approach below.

    Sustainable solutions

    We do not just adapt to the trend of  'use, not own', but we actively contribute to the circular economy by creating sustainable business solutions (like our management of assets throughout their entire technical life program: Life Cycle Asset Management). We also want to be your preferred supplier of clean technology.


    Image of icons from several sustainability topics

    Societal impact

    We try to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate through financial contributions and expertise provided via employee volunteer programs. In emerging countries, we improve access to (micro) leasing solutions to achieve economic development.


    Responsible business operations

    We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint and measure our impact on the environment and climate change. We aim to meet our reduction targets through resource optimization, changes in behavior, and technological innovation. We uphold high standards of ethical behavior in the way we do business, and we strive to improve our impact on the environment.


    DLL & Rabobank Group

    DLL is a fully owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group, an international all-finance organization. Rabobank is important for us in different ways - as our parent, our partner, our customer, and funder.

    Read more

    Corporate Governance DLL Group

    Read more