Drive lasting solutions in transportation

    Adding value

    Financing solutions for manufacturers, dealers, distributors, rental companies, and users of transportation equipment. Working with leading vendors to deliver total solutions for their customers. Helping partners move the world in ways that are sustainable and profitable.

    Transportation facts

    • School buses in the US
      Every school day in the US, school buses manufactured by our partner transport approximately 7.5 million children to and from schools.
    • Getting it there
      Over 100 billion tons of cargo transported across 15 countries by trailers financed by DLL’s Schmitz Cargobull AG joint venture.
    • Good as new
      We’ve launched a second hand trailer refurbishment and trailer parts recycling project with trailer manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull AG.

    Understanding the heart and soul of your business

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    Asset specialization

    In-depth understanding of asset life and utilization helps us provide customized, flexible financial solutions.

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    Global footprint

    We strive to support the needs of our partners as they grow in expanding geographies. Today we operate in 33 countries around the globe.

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    Through ups and downs

    Working together through the worst recession in recent memory only strengthened our relationships with partners.

    Our solutions

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    Asset management

    Creating value through an asset’s entire life cycle to help vendor partners meet sales and growth objectives.

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    Customized solutions

    Structures, terms, and insurance geared to your unique transportation business needs.

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    Financing products

    A wide range of products and services includes loans and lease products.

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    Inventory finance

    We manage the wholesale process and help you with floor planning needs.

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    Rental fleet management

    Traditional solutions alongside fleet management products and services to fit varying budgets and needs. All designed to help you proactively manage your fleet and bring down your total cost of ownership.

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    Vendor finance

    We provide asset-based financing programs to equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors. And our in-depth market knowledge and industry expertise mean we can offer customized financing options.

    Life Cycle Asset Management


    A business model based on our vision that end-users enjoy the service provided by assets, rather than buying or owning them, while manufacturers manage the asset’s life cycle from production till disposal.


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