Synergy in mindsets and expertise carry the relationship between DLL and Takeuchi for many years to come

Mar 6, 2023

Customer Stories

As a world-leading Japanese manufacturer of construction equipment, Takeuchi puts relationships and loyalty at the forefront of everything it does. Founded in August 1963, the company has wholly owned subsidiary facilities in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), France, and China. Together, Takeuchi and its subsidiary facilities form a foundation for a powerful worldwide network of distributors that perform efficient sales, provide a high standard of service, and demonstrate loyalty to the brand. By understanding the needs of their customers, Takeuchi has been able to lead the industry in new product development, creating the world’s first 360° compact excavator in 1971, and Takeuchi's innovation continues to the present day.

From Commercial Finance to Full Financial Services

Takeuchi decided to seek out a new partner with similar values and dedication to its customers, as well as additional financial knowledge and expertise. DLL Commercial Finance reached out to Takeuchi’s UK business in 2010 and held initial discussions to explore a potential collaboration. Simultaneously, the DLL Retail team had contacted Takeuchi’s biggest dealer in the UK (Clive Barford Limited (CBL)), which highlighted DLL’s connection to Takeuchi’s business and helped establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

Although Takeuchi’s initial focus was on establishing a stock finance facility to replace its existing provider, Takeuchi and DLL’s cooperation smoothly transitioned into a full financial services relationship, including retail finance, due to DLL’s financial knowledge and expertise, as well as the parties’ aligned mindsets.

By the end of the first year of the relationship, DLL had onboarded 13 dealers with combined credit lines of just under £3,5m. In addition, DLL and Takeuchi had initiated discussions concerning the support of end-user finance under the name ‘Takeuchi Finance,’ and developed a scheduled payment program for the dealers, which enabled Takeuchi to outsource some of its dealer credit control operation to DLL Commercial Finance.

DLL works closely and collaboratively with our dealers, who vary in size, structure, and finance requirements. As a result, the service continues to evolve. The relationship with DLL has helped Takeuchi to pursue growth in the UK market with confidence."

While continuing to support and develop the original program in line with Takeuchi and the dealers’ needs, DLL has implemented a new demo program and has adapted the standard stock program to better represent market challenges. Now supporting 21 dealers with credit lines of almost £29.25m, Takeuchi has almost quadrupled its revenues in the past 9 years. “Takeuchi's success is underpinned by its strong business relationships, with shared customer-centric values at the core. From the first discussions with DLL back in 2010, we recognized that Takeuchi was likewise committed to understanding and responding to the real business needs of our dealers and customers. The DLL team provides real-time responses and communication with real people; understanding the way we do business,” added Tracy Williams, Financial and Human Resources (HR) Manager for Takeuchi. “DLL works closely and collaboratively with our dealers, who vary in size, structure, and finance requirements. As a result, the service continues to evolve. The relationship with DLL has helped Takeuchi to pursue growth in the UK market with confidence.”

Building on these successes, DLL has further elevated the relationship by offering dealers direct funding and supporting non-Takeuchi machine brand trade-ins to convert customers to Takeuchi. If the dealer is not interested in or cannot accept the trade-in, Dealer Direct can be utilized. Dealer Direct is a direct stocking line that DLL uses to purchase new or used equipment from dealers and fund it directly, with no vendor relationship or support in place.

Through its relationship with DLL, Takeuchi can focus on what it does best: selling construction equipment. In today’s market, the demand for construction equipment is at an all-time high. DLL takes care of all administrative issues and guarantees no deviation on payment terms, so Takeuchi can focus on strategizing, with clear insights into its revenue streams.

With a solid relationship in the UK and Germany (where dealers have received direct funding from DLL for many years now), France becomes the next focus for vendor program development.

DLL is doing everything it can to ensure Takeuchi’s safe and consistent growth and remains committed to offering financial solutions to support Takeuchi’s business. The shared mindset, collaboration, and loyalty of these two companies will continue to carry their relationship for many years to come.

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Tracy Williams