Powerful team: leading customer service meets financial expertise

|Jun 28, 2023

Vermeer Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary, Kifour Group subsidiaries, trust DLL’s experts for customized equipment financing

Given ongoing market volatility, rising interest rates, and a soaring energy crisis, many businesses are looking for ways to navigate a challenging economy. In the construction industry, there is a greater need for flexible financing that adapts quickly and easily to individual needs. Vermeer special construction equipment, as sold by the Kifour Group and its Vermeer subsidiaries, are some of the most powerful and robust machines in the industry. If you are seeking to buy or hire a horizontal directional drill, a mini track loader, a milling machine, or a shredder from Vermeer, you might be faced with the question of how to finance it.

Product, customer service and financing: a premium offering

“At Kifour Group, we support customers offering a premium, one-stop finance service. Together with our partner DLL, a global asset finance company for equipment and technology, we put together financing packages that offer the benefits of our equipment without lengthy negotiations with banks or other service providers,” reports Franz Kissling, CEO and Managing Director of the Kifour Group, the largest Vermeer dealer in the EMEA territory.

Vermeer Finance’s service provides customers with reliable support that simplifies the financing process and allows them to acquire the machinery they need for their business. Vermeer horizontal directional drills are making a significant contribution to Germany’s digitalization, for example, as they are used in expansions of the fiber network. “On the one hand the product is compelling, and we have been able to position ourselves well in the market. On the other we are able to offer good financing solutions, and this combination of product quality and flexible financing is what matters,” says Kissling.

Vermeer technology is highly rated because of its excellent resale value and extended spare parts service."

Switzerland’s Kifour Group includes legally and internationally independent companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Vermeer has three subsidiaries in Germany. In addition to the comprehensive portfolio of special machinery for the construction industry and forestry, as well as gardening, agriculture, and mining, all the Kifour-Vermeer companies attach particular importance to excellent customer service.

“Every business is looking for unique selling points. In our case, we provide top machines from the world’s market leader, with expertise and advice from our customer support. The financing services we can offer with the help of our partner DLL,” explains Kissling.

The benefits of working with a financial services provider

The Kifour Group and DLL have been offering customers tailored financing solutions for Vermeer machinery in partnership since 2011. DLL was already working internationally with US manufacturer, Vermeer, and the partnership with the Kifour Group further extended this strong cooperation.

The strong international focus provides us with a certain amount of security."

There are various reasons why companies such as the Kifour Group favor a financial service provider, such as DLL, over the company bank for purchase and leasing. It means they are not drawing on their traditional credit line, so that is freed up, and additionally they can benefit from the finance providers one-stop services, advice, and expertise. Such a partnership makes it possible to develop special, customized financing for new products, which a company’s usual bank may not be able to offer.

Interest in intelligent financing is increasing

Kifour employs a workforce of 100 and in recent years, together with its subsidiaries, has gained a significant market share. “Without a doubt this is because we attach such importance to customer service,” says Kissling.

In this regard, financial aspects have become increasingly important. Interest in intelligent financing is without a doubt increasing across the entire range of customers,” Kissling added. One reason for this is that their own liquidity is increasingly important. The economy and rising interest rates in recent years have led companies to think long and hard about whether to buy or lease machinery. “This is precisely where DLL’s versatile, flexible solutions come into play, as we try to find the right financing for every requirement,” explains Berit Schwager, Account Manager DACH at DLL and responsible for the cooperation with Vermeer. Kissling agrees, “At Vermeer Finance, the service we offer in conjunction with DLL is characterized by its simplicity. We offer machinery, advice, and financing – all in one place under the name Vermeer.

Flexibility and Innovation

A flexible approach requires the cooperation of all the parties – dealer, customer, and finance provider. It is this kind of personal customer service that makes Kifour stand out. Speed, preparation, and reliable partnerships are especially important at a time when prices and interest rates can change weekly. Kissling adds, “We always try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes so that we can find the best financing option.” This is where the DLL Finance app adds value: customers can select a financing option wherever they are, mobile calculations and contract options can be run through, and quotations can be prepared and sent.

A DLL Operate-Lease contract offers us and our customers total flexibility, as contracts can be extended or machinery can be returned at the end of the term and we can sell it at the market value."

He expects the trend towards pay-per-use in the construction industry (i.e., payments for units consumed or hours used) will become increasingly important in the future and adds, “Innovative financing solutions will be required to deliver the specialized financing for increasing personalized customer needs.”

The key to a successful partnership

“At DLL, we are industry experts and are very familiar with the appliances and machinery needing to be financed. The key to a successful partnership, like our partnership with Kifour, is close cooperation between all the parties involved and trust,” concludes Schwager.

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