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E-Trucks Europe produces hydrogen-electric hybrid vehicles with an electric powertrain. The vehicles are silent and do not generate any emissions. With a production site in Lommel, Belgium, and a site in Westerhoven, The Netherlands, E-Trucks Europe is working hard and is in good shape to grow rapidly over the coming years. A good time to strengthen the partnership with DLL.

E-Trucks Europe’s growth did not just come out of the blue. Owner, André Beukers, has been working in the transport world for a long time. He originally started with a car repair garage. As the market interest of the sustainable transportation solutions started to grow rapidly, in 2010 the entrepreneur established E-Trucks Europe, a company that turns fossil fuel-based trucks to sustainable ones. The company primarily focuses on garbage trucks.

E-Trucks Europe started by converting diesel trucks into fully electric vehicles. Today, the garbage trucks are being assembled and individual components (chassis, cabin, superstructure) are being re-used to create a hydrogen-electric hybrid vehicle with an electric powertrain. The built-in hydrogen fuel cell system converts hydrogen into electricity, making the vehicles virtually silent and emission free.

André Beukers: “For heavy transportation, an electric energy source is not sufficient. The operating radius is too limited, requiring the garbage trucks to be recharged after half a day. Therefore, we started to specialize in the production of hydrogen-electric hybrid vehicles. These garbage trucks can drive for two to three days before they need to be refueled.”.

Sustainable garbage collection

The climate change and air pollution related challenges are primarily being encountered in Europe’s urban areas. Municipalities and cities are taking a critical look at how waste is being collected. In the Netherlands, an agreement has been signed stating that, as of 2025, new waste collection vehicles must use renewable fuel or be emission-free, whereas from 2030, the vehicles must be entirely emission-free. To stimulate sustainability in this niche industry, grants became available at various levels (ranging from local governments to European level).

As of 2030, all new waste collection vehicles must be completely emission-free. The capital required for this is partly provided by DLL."

“We are able to easily generate sustainable solar and wind energy throughout the world. However, storing that energy is not yet possible. The perfect alternative for this is hydrogen because this can be stored easily. It gives us the opportunity to develop emission-free, silent garbage trucks to meet market demands,” says André Beukers.

Driving on hydrogen fuel also requires you to fill your tank. Currently there are three official hydrogen refueling stations in the Netherlands (Arnhem, Helmond and Rhoon). There is a high level of investment in this area, therefore new hydrogen refueling stations are planned to be opened in 2021. Additionally, hydrogen fuel is becoming more popular in other European Union countries. For example, in Germany, there are 82 hydrogen refueling stations and 23 new stations will be added in 2021.

E-Trucks Europe

The Benelux is the primary market for E-Trucks Europe. Several hydrogen-fueled garbage trucks are already on the road in various municipalities.

There is also a growing European need. Considering current laws, regulations and grants available to clients, the niche market for garbage collection trucks is very promising for E-Trucks Europe. In the Benelux there are currently 5,000 garbage trucks on the road and the annual replacement rate is 10%. Since this is not necessarily an interesting segment for major transport manufacturers, it has a lot of potential for parties such as E-Trucks Europe. Customization is important, because, for example, not every municipality or country requires the same vehicle model. The models are highly divergent, and innovations are developing rapidly due to new waste collection and processing trends.

Following an intensive development phase, E-Trucks Europe has finalized its transition from a development to a production company. The increasing production levels are requiring a growing need for capital. Through E-Truck’s collaboration with DLL, that need is partially met: “With DLL’s financial solutions, we are able to lease the garbage trucks to our clients while retaining the right to grants and deductions, which is a major benefit”.

Market demand is increasing and is resulting in increased production. Thanks to DLL’s financial solutions, the garbage trucks can be leased to clients."

Sustainability is also gaining ground in other industries that make use of heavy equipment. E-Trucks Europe believes there is an increased need to investigate the use of hydrogen-electric hybrid drive assemblies in these other sectors including the construction and earth-moving sectors. Although E-Trucks does review such requests and investigates the possibilities, the company is aware that focus is important in order to become and remain frontrunner in the market.

The future

E-Trucks Europe delivered 2 garbage trucks in 2020. Another 2 have been delivered to SUEZ Recycling & Recovery in Helmond during the first weeks of 2021. These garbage trucks are also financed by DLL.

DLL to finance two new garbage trucks for SUEZ in the municipality of Helmond. A contribution to better air quality in the region and to E-Trucks Europe’s growth."

Growth continues in 2021 and the plan is to produce 20 to 30 hydrogen-electric hybrid garbage trucks, which are to be delivered within Europe. A good time for E-Trucks Europe and DLL to give more thought in shaping their successful partnership for the future.

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Nick Antoniou

Commercial Lead of eMobility


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