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|Nov 17, 2023

Jené Hill-Cargill has long been passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). At DLL, she found an employer where she can put her passion to work. She has actively contributed to the DLL DE&I program in the USA. And in 2022, she initiated an innovative social impact project that connects DLL closely to the local community: the Career Diversity Accelerator Program. “I love this company and the opportunities it offers,” says Jené.

Shaping minds and career paths

Commitment. Gratitude. Justice. Authenticity. You sense them all when you meet Jené, a Project Coordinator with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt who manages multiple projects at DLL over a number of departments. Most distinctly, you sense her drive to make the world better every day.

Jené is driven to serve her community and the workspaces that share her values for representation, belongingness and inclusion. “I come from an underrepresented community,” says Jené. “My life's ambition is to give back to the community, not just in a material sense but by helping shape minds and career paths.”

A career journey and adaptive spirit

Jené started at DLL in 2012 as a Customer Service Officer. Since then she has built an impressive career. Today she is a Project Manager with broad experience in quality assurance and continuous process improvement. Along the way, she earned a Master's of Business Administration.

Jené loves the growth culture at DLL. “This company encourages you to get creative and challenge the status quo,” says Jené. “Having an adaptive spirit will get you far in DLL. The world is constantly changing. DLL understands that the goal is not to keep up but to stay ahead!”

Jene Hill

Jené Hill-Cargill

Global DE&I Manager


University of Phoenix
Bachelor’s degree, Communication and Leadership
Master of Business Administration

Years with DLL

Previous positions/employers

  • Project & Program Manager, DLL
  • Portfolio Management Manager, DLL
  • Quality Assurance Training Specialist, DLL
  • Customer Service Supervisor, DLL
  • Customer Service Officer, DLL
  • Customer Relationship Associate, Vanguard
My life's ambition is to give back to the community, not just in a material sense but by helping shape minds and career paths. "

Expanding diversity inside DLL

At DLL, Jené found the perfect environment to pursue her ambitions and unleash her passion. Around 2015, the DLL USA Human Resources department created the DE&I Committee, in which Jené actively participated.

“I had a dear mentor in DLL who was a very straight and tough woman,” says Jené. “She encouraged me to join and speak my mind. I believe it is critical for company growth in both business and talent to have representation address ageism, racism, gender inequality, cultural differences and more.”

Connecting DLL DE&I with the community

In 2022, Jené initiated a program that is near and dear to her heart. She founded the Career Diversity Accelerator Program (CDAP). It helps communities of underprivileged by offering college-bound high school juniors internships in DLL during their final two years of high school and through four years of college. DLL also invests in each student with scholarship funding towards their education.

“The end goal is for students to graduate college with six years of DLL experience as Certified Lease & Finance Professionals,” says Jené. “It also means reduced college debt, a trusted professional network and a potential role in DLL right out of college! And DLL contributes to the community. It’s a win-win program.”

According to Jené, a critical part of the program is the CDAP team at DLL. “They rally around this idea and carve out time in their work week to contribute. They are amazing,” says Jené.

The world is constantly changing. DLL understands that the goal is not to keep up but to stay ahead!"

Changing the things I cannot accept

“I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I’m changing the things I cannot accept.” For Jené, this quotation by the American political activist and scholar Angela Davis is a great source of inspiration.

“Having conversations about disparities and inequities can be challenging,” says Jené. “But the DLL leaders and members are open and understanding. My ideas are rooted in inclusivity. I love DLL and the people. My core goal is to help us all live better lives, where we can all say we feel valued, respected and supported!”