Oleksandr loves
the fun  
of the scrum

Big data. Machine learning. Artificial intelligence. These and other data science technologies are revolutionizing how companies serve customers and compete. They are also part of the Future Model Landscape program at DLL. “The team members are driven and brilliant,” says Oleksandr Melnychenko, Scrum Master in the program. “I help them find the path forward, comply with the strict rules and regulations, and pioneer DLL’s data science innovations. It’s a fantastic job!”

Driving business with data

The knowledge hidden in DLL data can support process automation, reveal trends and predict outcomes such as repayment probability.

To unleash the power of data, DLL works according to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). This aligns multiple scrum teams to achieve organizational goals. It fosters collaboration and agility as teams sprint through agreed timeframes and respond to changing insights.

The thrill of the scrum

A key player in the SAFe Framework is the Scrum Master. That’s Oleksandr’s job.

“It’s exciting, fast-paced stuff,” says Oleksandr. “My role is to ensure the teams adhere to the scrum principles. I facilitate the meetings, manage the planning and coach the team members. I promote respect, accountability and continuous improvement to help ensure our teams deliver results.”

From the Ukraine to the Netherlands

Oleksandr was born in the Ukraine, where he attended university. But his career experience is global. Since graduating in 2007, he has worked in four countries.

“My wife and I are both in technology,” he says. “She works for a tech company that moved from the Ukraine to Amsterdam. So we decided to relocate.” After arriving in the Netherlands, he saw a job posting for Scrum Master at DLL. He applied and began in July 2023.

Oleksandr Melnychenko

Scrum Master Group Risk 


Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, Specialist Foreign Economic Activity

Years with DLL

Previous positions/employers

  • Project Manager, EPAM Systems, Ukraine
  • Quality Assurance Lead/Senior Engineer, FFW, USA
  • Quality Assurance Team Lead, GeeksForLess Inc., Philippines
  • Marketing Manager, Saturn, Ukraine
It’s exciting, fast-paced stuff! "

Professional onboarding at DLL

“The Netherlands is one of my favorite countries,” says Oleksandr. “We’re happy to be here.” He’s also happy with the world he discovered at DLL.

“This is a professional company and things are well organized,” says Oleksandr. "We had an excellent onboarding program with about 20 new hires, so we met new members from teams around the company. We also had a meeting with the CEO, where we introduced ourselves and could ask questions about DLL. It’s a very open and welcoming culture. I love this respect for people.”

Growing in a new role in a new industry

Oleksandr also loves his job as Scrum Master at DLL. “This is a great opportunity to grow in a new industry,” he says. “I have worked in consultancy companies and wanted to work in a product or services company. Finance is fascinating.”

Oleksandr thrives on the challenges of a Scrum Master. “Both the finance world and the data sciences world are evolving rapidly,” he says. “That requires a lot of research, so I do a lot of reading. I also deep dive into technology. I have to speak the same language as the developers and engineers. Fortunately, I love to learn.”

It’s a very open and welcoming culture. I love this respect for people."

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

Oleksandr enjoys the exciting pace of the DLL projects and the fun of successful teamwork. He leads the teams through a model of defined phases.

In the Forming phase, the team is introduced to the project. Then they Storm into the project, where things get very interesting. In Norming, the roles and roads ahead become clear. Ultimately, the team is Performing, a phase characterized by continuous improvement and results. “If I do my work well, I’m out of a job then,” says Oleksandr. “The team doesn’t need me anymore. So I go on to the next team or project.”

Scrum Master with a purpose

DLL is committed to being a purposeful place to work. Oleksandr appreciates this.

“I am proud of the valuable contributions we bring to society, like our financing solutions that facilitate the transition to more sustainable business, or the opportunity to volunteer two days a year for a good cause,” says Oleksandr. “I want to support my fellow Ukrainians.” He intends to use his volunteer days to work with Ukrainian refugees and children in the Netherlands.